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My tulpa 'rocks'

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You know, I was planning on making a cat tulpa, too. Once Tess is imposed, anyway, that might be the next project. Was also going to make this epic polar bear, but 1 thing at a time I guess. I like cats, but the nice thing about a cat tulpa is that you don't have to clean up after it. Also, I'm allergic to cats, but you can't really be allergic to a tulpa. xD Well, I sure hope not anyway.


Visualization can be hard. Especially with faces. It's still hard for us, even though I generally know what Tess looks like.


Oh, and you're welcome, Peter. :) ^^


When we played hangman, I had Tess think of the word, and I drew everything out on the paper. Mainly because we haven't done much possession yet. I think either method would be great, though. Aha, the black box thing...yeah, both times Tess and I have been successful at guessing what's in the box, and I think it's because our minds are very closely connected. It's really, really hard not to already know what's in the box. If we figure out a method to fix that issue, I'll let you know.


Tess changes clothes every day, although she does have some favorite outfits. I agree with you that changing outfits is a good exercise. Sometimes she chooses, sometimes I choose, but mostly we choose together what she's going to wear.


Hope you make more progress with Peter's voice. c: And have a great night, both of you! :)

Currently restarting visualization in order to get it down perfectly. 

Progress log (haven't used it in a while, but still forcing)

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