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Effects of Vyvanse on Tulpae


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Hi guys!


First off, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I was not sure where to put this. So, recently I started taking a new medication for my ADD. I have not taken medicine for this in a very long time, like twelve years or something like that. Anyway, first of all, a little back story. A little while ago, like six months ago, I found out about and read all about the concept of a tulpa, then I began to make one. However, due to the fact that I was so busy, I decided that I did not have enough time to pursue tulpa creation at the time. Then come about two months ago, my schedule cleared up a lot more, but I was out of the groove and unfortunately did not get back into it. However, I did a very, very small amount of passive narration. Then, here is the interesting part of the story, then I started taking this ADD med called Vyvanse. My concentration took off, but it only took a couple of days to realize that something else was happening as well. I was hearing Alex. I was hearing him stronger than I ever had up to that point. And the interesting thing was that he spoke independent of me. A little more back story for all of you. I kind of have a problem with spending money. Not necessarily on "things", but just by nickel and diming all of my money away. You know, a Jamba Juice here, Taco Bell there. The moment when I realized that Vyvanse had brought Alex more independence and volume in my mind was when I was about to buy something that I did not need in the store, and a voice popped up in my head and just said something along the lines of, "Why are you buying that? You don't need it." Ever since that first time, for the past couple of weeks, I cannot tell you how many times he has helped me make better choices. We have also had some fun conversations. So, what do you guys think? Have any of you experienced this kind of improvement with an ADD med? Just curious, and I thought you might want to hear about this.

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Mmmm... maybe I can offer some help.


I too was diagnosed with ADHD, and prescribed that Schedule II controlled substance. This was all before tuppers, though, but the increase in concentration it provides I imagine would help with tuppers. Did you notice that perhaps you aren't buying junk food, because you aren't as hungry as you used to be? One of its side effects is reduced appetite.

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(I didn't quite realize how much I was going to write here, so excuse me if I accidentally'd an autobiography.)


Alright, I saw Vyvanse and had to read it. I took Vyvanse since I was in fourth grade- it was a miricle drug for me. I was so hyperactive all the time I would get a referral every week. It was bad. Thankfully, my shrink recommended Vyvanse because of my ADHD, and boom, hardly any more hyperactivity. Sure, I was naturally bouncy as a child, but the Vuvanse took it way down. Then, in about mid-8th-grade (when my body started doing that whole "puberty" thing), my brain straight up shut down on me. The hyperactivity was still under control but depression hit me like the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.


That's where Quilten comes in. About mid spring two years ago, my friend mentioned wonderlands to me, and I asked him about those, to which he told me about tulpas. I was fascinated; I had always been into mind-over-matter, psychology, things of hat nature, and this was like a Christmas present. I researched as much as I could, thought it through for about a month- a lot. Finally, I decided to make a tulpa. The process went smoothly and soon enough, I had a sentient little voice running around in my head by Autumn.


Just to be clear: I don't make Q to help with my depression. Anyway, about halfway through the summer I was reding a book, and all of a sudden a voice pops into my head. It called itself Juno, soon to become Jira, me second and last tulpa.


Back to the actual topic- medication. So winter rolls around, at this point it's gotten so bad I'm having trouble not killing myself. Eventually, my white bread parents figured out I might have something wrong with me. They took me back to my childhood shrink, who recommended a doctor who specialized in ADHD. He prescribed what I now know to be the most beautiful thing on Earth: Concerta 52mg. Turns out this happens fairly often, where a kid will be on one of these two (Vyvanse or Concerta), get really fucked up, but when they switch, everything is fine.


That would've been nice to know previously.


So now I've mellowed out a lot because of what going through that garbage did to me, but I'm happy now. I can do well in school, concentrate, spend time with the tuppers, all the fun stuff.


I'm still somewhat plagued by the slew of obsessive-compulsive habits that I had to a dangerous degree as a kid. I'd touch burning stoves, dry ice, eat disgusting things off the floor, put knives on my face, all even-like on both sides, just because I couldn't help it. Thankfully, as a side effect of Concerta, I only have to deal with looking both ways before getting into the shower and turning a single specific light in my house on and off a specific number of times. So in the realm off OCD shit, I got the good end of the stick.


Anyway, I'm glad I could get that out of my system. Sorry if I clogged up the thread with my life story, but I hope I clouds at least provide some information.




Vyvanse fucked me up.

Concerta made everything hunky-dory.

Also I have two tulpas.

[align=center]Even though my username is that of my tulpa, Quilten, my name is Phaneron, the host, who does all of the actual posting.

Tulpas: Quilten, Jira


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No experience with any kind of medication, but melatonin or sleeping pills help me dream more which helps me with development.

"Stress makes you bald, but it’s stressful to avoid stress, so you end up stressed out anyway, so in the end there’s nothing you can do." - Gintoki



Tulpa: Hanako

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I'm with you on that, Quilten, I've been through three different ADHD medications, Dexanphetamines, Ritalin and then the same dosage of Concerta as you, and I pretty much share all aspects of that with you, Concerta is great for concentration, I just have to remind myself of taking it >.>

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I take Adderall for my ADD. One thing I've noticed is that passive forcing seems to be easier when I'm on it and I can hear my tulpas a lot clearer and carry on a conversation with them for longer, probably because I'm not getting distracted. And while active forcing, I think, does work a lot better than it would when I'm not medicated, but the problem is that I sort of don't want to active force when I'm on Adderall, because it makes me so focused on schoolwork and the like, and trying to do anything that doesn't clearly and immediately show the progress you're making just makes me feel really impatient, so I'll often give up pretty quickly and go spend my focus on something else while I still have it. So sometimes, if I can find the time, I'll try active forcing when my medication is just starting to wear off but hasn't totally left me yet - so I still have the extra bit of focus to make active forcing work but I don't feel so focused that I want to go focus on other things.


Thankfully though, my tulpas seem to be doing just fine thanks to primarily passive forcing, so I'm not really bothered by the fact that active forcing's a bit difficult to manage.

Pinky is not a pony. She's an imp.

Sunray is an angel-imp. Ex is humanoid. Kael is a dragon. Magnum is a dog.

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