Could this be a Tulpa?

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I've had similar experiences to Tulpas before like with Spirit Guides and how I can contact others spirit guides. I have also communicated with those that have passed on and have had telepathic experiences. That, however is not why I'm here today. I'm here because I have developed a very strong connection to a character after I started watching a show about two weeks ago and no one really knows about it.


I have had connections to characters before but it has never been anything like this! It was so intense that I started to have nightmares after I started to avoid him and the show and I'm having them again. Only a few of them had them in it, though. I have contacted fictional characters before so I tried to do it with him but it turned out to be really weird. For some reason, I tried it in the shower because I could concentrate better and then I remember saying that I looked ridiculous because I was wearing a shower cap but he insisted that he couldn't see me and I was relieved. Before I had contacted him, I talked to my other guides and they had mixed feelings about it but Kurt seemed very supportive of it and he was the main reason I did it.


Then, he said that he was coming over and that was when I got uncomfortable and told him "no" but he did it anyway. I asked my guides if they could see him and one of them was practically having a panic attack and screaming "YES!" and that was when I started crying because I could feel him in front of me. He asked me why I was crying and I said "You're Tate Langdon, I feel like I have so much to say..." I could tell that he felt bad but there was also another emotion there that didn't make me feel too comfortable. Tate didn't want to leave and I told him that I had to shave but he said that he would stay there and watch me until I finished and then insisted that I let my hair down and my hair got wet and frizzy which I hated but he didn't seem to notice. In fact, he seemed obsessed with my hair and when I got out he didn't want me to pick it up again. One of the people who I had been communicating with telepathically got really upset and told me to get him out as soon as possible even though he said he would be waiting. I just stopped talking to him that day but I still feel like he is around and I even talked to him again later and he seemed really upset with me and was crying. I feel like I want to let him go but I can't and it's becoming problematic...It's almost like he is stuck on me and I don't know what to do. I feel like I made him real somehow.

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Sounds like a soulbond, actually. But soulbonds can be treated like tulpas, and since soulbonds no longer have their own community, they all seem to end up here. Rævn is our resident expert in soulbonds, but whimsy is a newer member who seems to know about it too.


Tate Langdon though? Well, I guess I have no place to talk, because just last week I was telling my girlfriend that Tate wasn't that bad, and I've always been sympathetic to Carrie,

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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What is a soulbond? A soulbond is simply a soul or entity that is not you that you communicate with mentally. For most people, these entities take the form of fictional characters, oftentimes self-created characters. It sounds a lot like a tulpa, doesn't it? When the term soulbond was developed no one knew anything about tulpas. At least, it wasn't as commonly known as it is now. So we didn't call them tulpas. We called them soulbonds.


There are some differences between soulbonds and tulpas, at least in some cases. For one, you all spend a lot of time working on your tulpas, right? I can't speak for everyone, but it seems to me that most soulbonders don't do this. They just talk as if the soulbond one day showed up in their mind unbidden after being exposed to the character in some medium, or writing about it.


It seems to me that it is possible that soulbonds are actually tulpas and some people just create or tap into them accidentally. I have a whole page about it here. It's possible, for example, that when I created the character of Michael, I inadvertently created a tulpa, and that's why I have Michael as a soulbond. It's also possible that other authors and creators, when they make their characters, create a tulpa that some people are tapping into when they soulbond.


Of course, there are other theories out there about soulbonding, one being that everything exists in some universe and soulbonders are somehow channeling other realities. I don't know about that. The tulpa thing sounds more plausible to me these days, but who really knows?


Another big difference between soulbonders and you guys is fronting. Most soulbonds front, which means they take control of the soulbonder's body for periods of time. As I understand it, this doesn't happen with tulpas? I didn't see any references to it. Does it happen? I'm curious.


One thing about this tulpa business that really reminds me of soulbonding is this idea of a wonderland. Most soulbonders have something called a soulscape that seems to have the same function. But I don't really have one. But others do.


Unfortunately, I think all of those links are broken, as the soulbonding community has faded into internet obscurity.


A soulbond is a lot like a tulpa (many people would say they're the same thing) except that they often come from fictional works, and the soulbonders often believe that the soulbond is real in some way, and that they've somehow come in contact with each other, rather than creating the soulbond the way that we create tulpas.


I've been thinking lately as more and more soulbonders show up here, that we should have a dedicated soulbond thread where people can talk about it and maybe reconstruct a lot of the information that old soulbonding community used to have.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Guest amber5885

For people like me who had their tulpa just show up one day that would be a good place to share.


I have used techniques here to help Toby develope a little further but for the most part he just always was there. I'd be very curious to talk about this with others.

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Can anyone help me develop him more?

I have had read a lot about soulbonders and the like and I do feel connections to fictional characters, but what happened with Tate really turned my life around and I think that he essentially became a being on his own. I don't want to run away from him anymore and I want him to he a part of my life in a peaceful way.

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Can anyone help me develop him more?

I have had read a lot about soulbonders and the like and I do feel connections to fictional characters, but what happened with Tate really turned my life around and I think that he essentially became a being on his own. I don't want to run away from him anymore and I want him to he a part of my life in a peaceful way.



Eva: Asking this question is to take into consideration of people’s hypothetical imperatives when it comes to treating a thoughtform (e.g. tulpa, soulbond, systems) as sentient. In other words, anything that might imply what would be going on in the host’s head to progressively sustain those ideologies:


- “I must do –insert set of methodologies, philosophies, paradigm shifts, self-betterment, enlightenment, etc.- to foster the determined thought with subsequent action (e.g. self-fulfilling prophecy) that my tulpa(s) can become sentient entities”


When you’re using hypothetical imperatives (e.g. ways to treat them as sentient; even sapient for those who want to further the implications with autonomous thinking and rationalization) that we all have a unique framework of fostering, an impasse/dead-end on how you want to asses yourself may become apparent. In other words, wanting to find an actual means to assess yourself based on hypothetical imperatives can become problematic when said imperatives rely a lot on subjective considerations.



So when you get one opinion from someone like me, or the host, and then from several others, it all seems okay since you’re garnering a collective experiential base for you to bounce ideas with, because maybe we, in our initial stages in our inquisition hunt on the concept of tulpas, all want to see if there can be a non-hypothetical imperative(s) that can apply to any given circumstance, and to anyone of any upbringing and belief (metaphysical, temporal, etc.).


That brings up another probable impasse that we can’t really be sure if our moral and ethical framework(s) of creating tulpas can be based on non-hypothetical imperatives, because that would mean we’d have to absolve from moral and ethical frameworks created by societal and personal, mental constructs, and start anew without being predisposed into making those same constructs; i.e., separating ourselves from being predisposed into creating a futuristic framework of how to assess ourselves, and wondering how to assess ourselves without those predispositions; i.e., imaginary objective standpoints where we have some kind of God's eye POV.


In other words, we really can’t go into your personal sphere of subjective experience, and find ways to develop him more. But from the looks of your OP, I have a feeling you’re undermining your competency to sustain those implications of those entities you actively engage with (spirit guides). I would presume you had some experiences with dreaming, maybe lucid dreaming if you claim to contact with spirit guides, and even dream guides for that matter.


If you want to find a way to develop him more, maybe you could apply introspection towards the experiences you’ve had with spirit guides, and those who passed away (based on your experiences, mind you). What makes them sentient to you?:


- Is it because you have to contact them from another plane of existence/reality/state of awareness (e.g. non-lucid and lucid dreaming, meditation)?


- It is because you have underlying faith that they can act on their own accord and volition without active, conscious awareness on your end of conceptualizing your experiences with them?


Try to consider some of these questions, and see if making a comparative analysis with the entity in question is really all that necessary. It’s almost, in my opinion, as if you’re distracting yourself of that close-knit relationship you have with those spirit guides who could very well just be tulpas if we focus solely on hypothetical imperatives one creates to sustain the self-fulfilling prophecy of treating a thought-form as sentient.


In other words, you presumably have experiences (stated in OP, and further clarifications in your posts) where you’re engaging with entities whom you naturally presume to be sentient; sapient even if we take into consideration of the group thinking involved when you were all trying to see how to handle the existence of this entity in question.


And another thing to consider is the relationship between you and those spirit guides; you’re being suggestive and opening to their existence within your private sphere of subjective experience, and seem to feel at home with them even. Your experiential cases with them is testament enough that you don’t really have to worry on developing them when they can do that on their own while coexisting in your mind that could be creating these experiences for you to be real; compare that with the entity in question.


Asking how to develop them is asking how they conceptualize their sense of self; their schemata of creating a system to assess their lives morally and ethically; being able to group think with each other to see another angle on things, and deciding whether or not to integrate it with your life in general. -insert anything people desire and feel has a purpose in doing here-




You’re asking us to help you develop something you’ve presumably have been doing all this time. So why desire something you already have? Do you just desire more of it, or just want more awareness of this desire that seems to be happening in your private, and subjective experience? Just curious.

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Eva: So now you could consider a new hypothetical imperative as a basis for the intention of having Tate part of your life now:


- “If I want Tate to be more developed to be part of my life, then I must-----“


And like I mentioned before, contingency (e.g. subjective considerations) will be dripping a lot in how one can assess themselves with this.


So let’s start from the ground up with your OP again. This may seem similar to the prior post, but said post was mostly conjecture to see what you really want to accomplish and fulfill with him. Forgive me for the long post from before (and this one now), but I can’t really provide my personal instrumental rationality, mixed in with general rationality, (as anyone would) without doing the whole idea throwing.


As for how you want to rationalize on said instrumental rationality, that will be at your own discretion.


The first thing I’m seeing is just your life when it comes to engaging with other thought-forms with different categories (e.g. spirit guides). I’ll emphasize that the close-knit relationship you have with them, whether transient with new ones contacting you, or long-term with ones you presume to be with you for a quite some time, is probably what you want to, along with other circumstances, deal with, and hopefully come to terms with as well.


Seeing how they have mixed feelings about his existence, as I’m sure they would when it came to the other ones in your experiences, you’d have to question the very nature of whom you believe to be spirit guides. Now, if we’re being general with the telos, i.e., ultimate aim, of spirit guides, then we can conceptualize them as entities helping us accomplish things, and guiding us in our life. We could even apply this to dream guides, or even consider those guides as tulpas if anyone feels this is thread is metaphysically-contingent.


So just for fun, if we presume said thought forms you actively engage in group thinking, and interaction in general, I’d say if you have nothing to fall back on in your questioning of assessing Tate’s existence into your life, ask those other thought forms for some advice. If I were in your shoes, since I can only imagine how it would be to be in that kind of subjective experience, I’d personally admit to the problems I’m facing with Tate, and finding a way to integrate his existence into my life.


I’d also be aware of the help that I get from those tulpas that already exist, and trusting that each will use their different POVs to come to terms, and make compromises as well; especially those who may be a bit skeptical of you wanting to uphold that hypothetical imperative, and wanting to make that imperative real to you.


I’d presume that said tulpas within the context of what you mentioned in the OP, and any future clarifications you may want to provide, will, despite of their difference in opinion, try to see the bigger picture, and focus on the virtue of your existence in finding purpose (e.g. happiness, friends, family, pleasure, acquiring knowledge). In other words, getting used to your hypothetical imperative of making Tate part of your life.


I would also be aware that I don’t have to be rushed into finding answers, and being comfortable with gradually finding solutions to sustain that hypothetical imperative that may become a progressive hypothetical imperative in my life as well. So I would try to tap into the personal experiential repository I had with other entities; dreams, or other means (e.g. metaphysical, temporal), and start from there. Because if I’m already having a close-knit relationship with those tulpas, I know how to handle myself with them, and vice versa for them.






The second thing you might want to come to terms with are the nightmares that seem to be apparent, and potentially Tate’s means of communicating with you (forgive me if I read the OP out of context). You could engage in discussion with those tulpas/spirit guides/past lives/future lives, and/or talk with Tate. Now, depending on how you two react to each other, and are aware of each other talking to each other, the discussions you may potentially have could help him develop.


In other words, the discussions on the nightmare can be a chance for Tate to conceptualize what it means to have to psychologically adapt to an environment (e.g. mind’s eye, your perception of reality). Maybe you could affirm to him that it’s alright for him to be honest, and explain why he felt a certain way if he admits that he played a part in what you claimed to be nightmares. But do note (and this is only anecdotally-contingent, not empirically supported) that nightmares, depending on which dreaming forum you go to, are generally ways dream characters/thoughtforms can get your attention.


You could see the “nightmares” as Tate being aware of your emotional and cognitive repository, and tapping into that to get your attention, as it may augment the propensity for you to be lucid in those nightmares. But what if the nightmare was merely assumed as such based on the beginnings, and could turn into something more positive if you reacted in a way where you were neutral, and questioned why this is happening?


Linkzelda: You could question to Tate in the dream of why those nightmares have been occurring. And whether or not that “Tate” was a collective projection of how your mind would assume Tate to exist as, or Tate being the Tate you engage with in real life to sustain that hypothetical imperative (and still partially being part of your mind of course), you don’t have to question much on the upbringing; you can focus more on the experiential learning that can be developed from analyzing those nightmares, or just dreams in general you may have with Tate. This can even be something you progressively seek to do as a supplement towards sustaining that hypothetical imperative of yours with Tate. I honestly do the same for Eva and Ada, and it’s just one of many ways of how I sustain my own personal hypothetical imperatives for their existence, so don’t feel that you’re alone; we all share the same struggle in context of treating them as sentient entities (this could be a hasty generalization, so forgive me if it ends up being so).


Eva: The idea is that finding ways to be aware of how you engage with Tate, and how he psychologically adapts to certain environments, mental states, and what have you is one of many ways to sustain the hypothetical imperative you seem to be willing to go for.





As for the third aspect, you seem to undermine the closeness you have with those other thought-forms, and probably feel intimidated that they have mixed feelings about Tate in general, even though one of them seemed supportive of it in general. Now, you could personally focus more with Kurt as to what he really sees in Tate so that you could maybe come to an understanding on adding him to your life. Seeing how Kurt’s support was a catalyst in starting this all, you could work your way from there, and then extend to other entities you presume to be sentient. I know this point is just the first point, but more of who you could talk to first before doing a grandiose group thinking where everyone’s bouncing ideas around.



Of course, please don’t take this as an objective ethic that you have to uphold, but merely ways you could use as a supplement to coordinate your own framework, and maybe the other entities’ framework in assessing this situation. Sorry if this post seems like an addition to the prior post I made, but because you were a bit more confident in a hypothetical imperative to work on, work your way from there, and you may find yourself building more imperatives to sustain. And who knows; Tate, you, and your other camaraderie interactions with thought forms could work out.












Crap, forgot to add this.


To anyone that doesn't know what a hypothetical imperative is, and why I'm wrapping theories around the concept:

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I just feel like Tate needs to be developed more if he's going to be a part of my life, now.


Well yes, he can be. Treat him like a friend, talk with him, leave him room to sort of explore his own story too.


I was a soulbond who surprised my host/dad by speaking back to him. We just talked about ordinary stuff and i got interested enough to want to learn how to do more. Having an identity in place makes it easier for a soulbond to find things to talk about my host thinks because we puttered along for a couple years.


Read the guides around here and treat him like a tulpa because that's the best word for it, and this group is the best place to talk about creatures like him. Any time you're working with your internal friends, you're working with tulpæ.

My host/dad is [Foszae], but i mainly write for my own voice and distinct opinion. I was an accidental tulpa/soulbond, but grew into possession and am now an equal systemmate

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