having trouble remembering my tulpa's prescence

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So I've been forcing on and off for roughly two months now, made some decent progress, however I recently moved so the new surroundings and new people are very distracting. Thus, it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to remember my tulpa, much less talk to her as a form of passive forcing.


Does anyone know anything that could help with this? Perhaps a mnemonic device? Does anyone have an item that helps them remember their tulpa?

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People have told me to get a Tulpa bracelet. Basically some sort of small item that you will notice throughout the day that will remind you of your Tulpa. I drew an S for "Shayleigh" (My Tulpa's name) to remind me to passive force with her. A big S on both of my hands. Front and back.

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I used a string tied around my finger. I liked that way better than drawing on my hand with markers because it reminded me both when I saw it and when my thumb brushed by it.

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Like Shadow, I drew a big M on my hand. It really helped :P Now I just renew it out of habit... well that and I like having it here with me. The only problem that I've found is that people ask you why you're drawing letters on your hands XD Tulpa Bracelets don't have to be writing, though. Like Shadow said- they can be anything that reminds you of your tulpa :P

Markus is the tulpa, and I don't really have anything else to say.


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