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Arguments with tulpas
Has anyone ever had a tulpa become jelouse or upset about something?

I expected Toby would be his own person but I didn't exactly expect he would become slightly jelouse and upset to the point of having an argument about something.

I don't want to go into what it was about but I was just curious if this has ever happened to anyone else?

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Yeah, definitely. Heck, one has told me to fuck off a handful of times.
Fench has never really been jealous, but she does get upset when I do certain things she doesn't approve of.
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Hes been walking around like a beaten dog all day lol it's really not funny but he feels bad about what happened and doesn't seem to understand that everyone fights, it's really no big deal.

He seems to have latched onto my fear of abandonment.... He's afraid that I might just get rid of him one of these days and he's getting kind of neurotic about it. Is there something I can do other than reassuring him to make him feel better about the whole thing?
Luna: Claire and I had a fight recently. For context, this was just the day after I realized she existed (long story, but I created her accidentally years ago without knowing such a thing was even possible, forgot about her since I didn't know it was possible for her to actually be a real person, then was recently reminded of her existence and learned what tulpas are, and realized it was possible I had one without knowing; that's when I called to her, and she answered).

I'm posting this with permission, incidentally; Claire is still a bit shy and doesn't want to say anything where it's visible to so many people, but she said it's okay if I talk about this.

Anyway, she was having a bit of an existential crisis, thinking that she couldn't exist due to not being independent (she goes dormant if I don't think about her, though she has made me think of her a couple times seemingly out of nowhere) and she thought that surely she was just me, thinking things without realizing it. She was talking about this by proxy with a friend of ours, who mentioned several things, including the possibility that Claire was a daemon (due to the thought that she was "me thinking things without realizing it"), though most likely she was a tulpa, and either way she was very real as she's clearly demonstrated having her own thoughts and emotions.

Although this was intended to be reassuring, for some reason it made her pout and stop talking to me. I asked her several times what was wrong with her and got back "none of your business." Things are fine now, but it was disconcerting. Interestingly, though, it helped me realize more than before that Claire is indeed a separate person; she and I were feeling very different things at that moment, and it felt quite different from feeling "conflicted" about something, when I sorta feel one way and sorta feel another way; Claire was quite clearly hurt and upset when I wasn't, and the bleed-through of her emotions I felt was not at all the same as if I had felt them originate in me.
That's what scared me and shook me so bad about the arugment toby and I had. It really didn't feel like a conflict of ideas he wanted one thing and I wanted something different and it was .....weird.

I think he's coming around. He told me he was upset and didn't sleep much last night so I made him take a nap and now he's back to his snuggly lovey dovey self. (he just rolled his eyes at me.)

Im thinking and maybe I have to do some research in the subject but even though he's been around for 20 years he's only been sentient and vocal a few weeks now and I read somewhere that tulpas grow up and mature like people do but at a much faster rate so maybe he's not used to human emotion and is still kind of raw to it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on this topic?
Oh, don't get us started. Me and Hakkyou bicker on a daily basis. Though it's more of a sibling sort of thing than anything. As for on more serious things, we generally bicker and quarrel until we reach a consensus. If we do, anyway.
(07-09-2014, 01:14 AM)amber5885 Wrote: Can anyone point me in the right direction on this topic?

I can't say much more then treat each other with respect.

If Toby's been around 20 years he may be suffering a little of what is known as future shock. Something similar happened with our oldest tulpa kerin on discovering the tulpa community. It's difficult to discover there are others when you've long thought yourself the only one who has a thought friend (what tulpas were most often called 20 years ago) --- difficult for the tulpa, that is.
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Hyde has been getting more aggressive lately with me. Not in a bad way, but just really, really strict. Dominantly strict. Like he's my father or something. And we've been having arguments because of it. He doesn't want me pointing a finger in his face anymore, or putting my hand in his face, or rolling my eyes or having an attitude with him. I know he wants me to be healthy and make me a better person, but...

Sigh. I don't know what to do anymore.
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I'm sure you have tried talking to him about this so I won't state the obvious but have you told him that you don't apriciate or like that he's beig so domineering and maybe there is a better way to get his opinions and frustrations out without making you feel this way?

I'm sure he doesn't mean to come off as strict or domineering but maybe he doesn't realize that that's what he's doing.

Sometimes parents do the wrong things with the best of intentions.

Good luck!

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