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TV Shows and Movies You Share with Your Tulpa(s) (Is this passive forcing?)

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Guest Anonymous

I often wonder if this is the wrong forum for Melian and I. Because I am talking about a broader perspective of thoughtforms and imaginary beings than what the theme of this board is. I think tulpas are cool, but I am not sharing in the belief in tulpa exceptionalism.


If a person were to start telling me about a legendary role playing character than means a tremendous amount to them, is part of them, and changed their life, I would give it equal status to a tulpa. They are different types of thoughtforms, but equally valid and valuable.

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Well. We all here love Star Wars. I'm even writing a fanfic in Wattpad called "Star Wars: Hunting down the Sith" but it's in spanish :/. We all love the same TV shows, amd in movies we differ. Vris hates documentals. She finds them boring. Kotoura and Beth don't like horror movies. Fef loves comedies, and I haven't yet found a movie or TV show that she doesn't like.

~L. ♠️


♣️That's not true L! I don't like American Crime (poor Ellen Page :'( ), From Dusk Till Dawn (It was perfect until the vampire stuff), and I don't find interesting Kill Bill.♣️

~Miranda Rotzank. ♣️

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I do this stuff all the time and everyday. I keep her around when i get up until i go to sleep. About the first two week it was very exhausting and i simply forget about her when i needed to concentrate on something else, but at this point it is almost no problem at all. She is obsessed with Jojo's Bizzare Adventure and enjoys the hell out of it.


She also wants me to add the following things to that list aswell : Bakemonogatari Series, Community and Mushishi (She gave me a hard time figuring the last one out, since she originally answered "no" when i asked her about it the first few time. She seems to care about the order, atleast thats what she is telling me now. I suspect her of simply changing her mind, but she denies that.)

Tulpa: Alice

Form: Realistic Humanoid/Demonic Creation

She may or may not talk here, depends on her.

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