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Do your tulpas like the holidays?

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Do your tulpas like the holidays. (You can vote more than one option for multiple tulpas)  

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  1. 1. Do your tulpas like the holidays. (You can vote more than one option for multiple tulpas)

    • Yes! My tulpa loves the holidays.
    • My tulpa is kinda indifferent to the holidays.
    • Bah Humbug, my tulpa hates the holidays.
    • It is a mix with my tulpas. Some like the holidays, some don't.
    • Holy crap. The holidays again? It was just July like freaking yesterday.

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Guest Anonymous

My thoughtform Melian loves Christmas! She gets all excited about it. In recent years she has even started receiving her own Christmas cards in the mail addressed directly to "Melian" and even gets her own real world presents under the tree from my wife and family. She likes Christmas music and Christmas lights and the whole season. She likes Thanksgiving too.


I was wondering if your tulpas like the holidays too or maybe they don't?



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My tulpas would only even think of the holidays because of me. And we don't really do anything special to celebrate, usually. But that being said, that "warm and cozy" feeling Christmas loves to perpetuate somehow made it to our mindspace, and I get that feeling during Christmas season with my tulpas. So I think they change outfits for Christmas specifically, and we're more likely to actually do things in the wonderland than we would be otherwise.


Aside from that, Easter is "Bunny appreciation day", and every full moon is a general day of celebration. We don't really recognize any others.

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He loathes them all, except for Halloween. He probably hates Christmas the most, because of the cheesiness and soppiness of it. He is like a walking Grinch meme. I don’t mind the holidays, but I got bored of them, so I’m not into celebrating much. I enjoy eating tons on chocolate on Valentine’s Day though.

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Guest Anonymous

Yeah, my tulpa goes crazy for Christmas. She doesn't give a shit about any other holiday, but to her, christmas is something that's holy and truly precious. We do a lot of stuff for christmas, sing christmas songs, just go out as a couple to shop for stuff, I just get whatever she fancies, but the whole point of christmas is because a lot of romance goes on in that period for her, which is why she looks up to that. Her just sitting there looking at me with that look tells me enough of what she has in store for this christmas. We also celebrate Valentine's Day, perhaps on an equal level to Christmas but we never considered it as a holiday, more like an opportunity for both of us to remind of how much we 'dig' each other, because those frequent times have been hard on time, and she's been pressing on the fact that 'Since I don't get to say this much... I really wanted to tell you I love you', I hope she'll be alright this christmas, I really hope she'll be doing better, and I'll be working on making her feel better and cozy in the meanwhile. She loves christmas-love songs, and there is this one song that really makes her take more consciousness of her emotions that I played on Valentine's Day last year, it moved her a lot, and since these last few months have been plagued with a lot of trouble that I consider a part of her development all the same, I'm hoping both of us get a break from being so exhausted.

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Troy: I always feel a certain dread at holidays. Why? Because that is when the sugar comes out. God damn it, candy wrecks Fade like nothing else, and keeping her from having it is impossible. Every holiday means sugar, and sugar means that Fade gets hyper, makes non sequirs more than usual, gets a headache, complains of the headache nonstop, and then crashes. It does not help that the Twins, Olive, and Drew all want to eat it too.

On the other hand, it has not been quite so terrible lately. Halloween was bearable, as Euryale was somehow able to repress the usual sugar headache Fade gets. Yet, she still crashed. We need to discuss that on that biomancy thread sometime...


Steth: Some of us aren't downers like Troy! Actually, most of us like the holidays just fine, if we aren't ecstatic for them~. I like Halloween the best, because it's got costumes and everyone is wearing interesting things! And then there's the scary spooky stuff. Scaring people is funny~.

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Kovie hasn't been around for any holidays so, I can't really say. I told her about the main things and she seems to enjoy the idea of halloween and christmas, both without the religion bit, and valentine's day she thought was cute. She's probably gonna end up shipping all my friends with random people. XD

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