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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)

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Guest Anonymous

I thought a thread where people, including tulpas, could record their dreams would be interesting.  So I will start it.  I plan to write in this thread fairly often, so I hope others will do the same.  


From Last Night


Melian and I dreamed we were driving around in a "dream catcher" van.  It had a big radar antennae on top to capture the dreams of dreamers.  The dreams would be captured and recorded on video by our dream capturing computers in the van.  Melian was driving (looking adorable in a frilly dress of course) and seemed to know which houses had people dreaming in them.  


I think I had this dream because Lumi and I were discussing lucid dreaming and remembering dreams yesterday.  It got stuck in my mind and Melian and I apparently decided to explore the idea together.  


This was not a lucid dream.  


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Please Record Your Dreams Below

(regular dreams and lucid dreams)

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Well. My only dream tulpae-related was loooooooong time ago, when Vris was just starting to be vocal, and she was the only tulpa I had. I was dressed in black, with a black sword on my hand, and my sword was full of bright red and black blood. Somebody was touching my back. Was Vris'. She had her sword on her hand, and it was also with lots of blood. But she hadn't her combat suit. Just a black shirt, boots of the same color and a pink pant. We were in a weird sharp metal-made city. The sky was full of white and gray clouds, and around us, was a huge group of zombies. Then I woke up.

~L. ♠️

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Here's another thread for you. https://community.tulpa.info/thread-misc-a-guide-on-lucid-dreaming-and-tulpas-v1-1 It has my seal of approval.


I used to make threads like this, on a forum I was on five years ago or so. Been a while. It's usually pretty fun, although it tends to die over time, so remember to bump it.



There's only one dream really worth mentioning that involved any of my tulpas, honestly. Now, I've had plenty of random Touhou-character-related dreams that have sometimes included the characters my tulpas are based on, but they don't feel the same. Just take my word for it, I can tell the difference between Touhou Reisen and tulpa Reisen in a dream. It happened during a time where I was doing a ton of imposition wherever I went, which at the time was mostly my college campus. I don't know what dream scenario led into it, I only remember the last part of the chain of dreams that happens every stage of your sleep cycle. There were tall buildings all around me, and walkways between them, with random people walking around but not actually ever near me. This was pretty obviously because I'd been walking around my college campus a lot at the time. At some point while walking, I casually turned to my side and said something like, "Isn't this beautiful?" in reference to the sun setting over a bunch of tall buildings. Apparently at this point I was holding hands with Reisen as we walked around together, which I did not notice at all at the time and can't recall knowing before that specific point, either. After I asked that I saw her crying, though my mind implies it was "tears of happiness," and as I asked why I woke up. And immediately flipped out, because that was the first dream I'd ever met Reisen in, and I hadn't even realized. Haven't had another since.


This dream happened because I was, at the time, imposing my tulpas as I walked around my campus between classes. The casual nature of us walking together carried over into the dream, and I didn't notice it was anything special until it was over. Reisen said she was effectively dreaming, too, because she didn't have the awareness to tell me I was dreaming. She does think it was her though, and I definitely felt it. I've seen "Reisens" in my dreams a few times before, but there's something very different about my tulpas.



Was that post long enough? Because it might be the only one I ever make in this thread.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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Guest Anonymous

Thanks for the new thread link, I will add it to the list in the OP. I liked the description of the dream about your tulpa Reisen and you walking together and admiring the college campus. It is very touching actually. I do hope you have more dreams about Reisen and with Reisen. Isn't it fun to share a dream with someone like that? Only tulpamancers know what that is like (or maybe natural multiples). Anyway, maybe writing on this thread and thinking about it will foster more dreams for you and Reisen to share! Yes, this was long enough and very interesting!

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I love zombie adventure dreams, especially if shared with your tulpa! Awesome!


Jajajaja thank you. We've also fought many other stuff, agressive Wonderland creatures, and evil tulpae. If you know spanish, Vris is writing a story in wattpad. It's like a very atrassed progress report.

~L. ♠️

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Guest Anonymous

More Melian Dreams (moved from Melian's Musings)


I dreamed that Melian and I were using a telescope together. We kept moving its position in a strategic manner, advancing it's position along a field like it was a military piece. I kept going on about how the base for the telescope was very similar or identical to the base for a large machine gun or small canon. I felt some frustration in knowing that Melian and I were getting no credit or recognition from our peers for our skill in moving the telescope along in such a manner.


Melian and I dreamed together that she was on some sort of large passenger air ship. She was royalty of some kind, like a princess. She had a magic ring that evil meanie agents were trying to take from her. The dream shifted from her dreaming (the dream was from her perspective) and me dreaming (where the dream was from my perspective and I was watching her). Like many of these joint dreams, we were dreaming together, both aware of the dream sequence at the same time.

Melian's cool "elephant alien dream" (posted in full in her first Musings Thread): https://community.tulpa.info/thread-melian-s-musings-body-measurements-and-physical-traits?pid=127892#pid127892

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