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Is being a tulpa a cage?

Procron X

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It definitely sounds like you need to talk to your host about starting to regularly switch. I bet you would be happier if you were to interact directly with the outside world. you might be limited by the fact that you'd have to fit into you host's life, but you'd have a lot more ability to influence the outside world without having to use your host as proxy.


Have you seen 

 by any chance? you might find it a bit relatable.




I have been talking to Amber about this (clearly, if I've been possessing for so long). She's given me consent to control however much I want, which includes switching. She hasn't set any time limits, so I could go indefinitely if I wanted to, but part of me feels that I shouldn't do that because I'd be doing to her what I hated myself, and I don't want my ambitions to get in the way or cause her problems. I totally would take over complete control if I could. I want to be in control badly. I just want to make sure that I'm not doing the wrong thing for my host.


your concerns are valid. perhaps you could establish a set schedule of who gets to control the body, or that you two switch whenever someone asks to.

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