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Really need donations-We now have Patreon

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Haha please don't use my card credentials to track me down!


Paypal does not pass on to Tulpa.info details of your accounts. We recieve only a email address and the amount in $USD. You can optionally add a message which only the owner will see.


Mrs Donna Nobillis McCaw

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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I just want to say that you guys are really really awesome!  Thanks to everyone's donations, hosting is paid for the next 4 months! :D


I'll definitely look at that patreon thing, thanks for the suggestion-- I wouldn't mind detailing what the funding goes to.

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Hello there.

I've been lurking for a good while now and decided to speak up for a bit. Are you still in need of donations? If so how much would be a good amount?

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