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Sentience debate

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To me, only a body is called "human", a host (or a tulpa) is an "intelligence" as War says, or a "person", "people", "thoughtform" etc..

But human is just that :


It's not what you are, but what you are in, and what you look like to others.

No animosity intended ever 


Cora now has her own account ! :D


English isn't our native language, please be indulgent :)

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huh, We never thought or i never thought about this until now. I don't think I consider myself a human, i mean sure we all can acquire most if not all of the human senses in the body but I don't feel like a human. I don't know, i don't feel that way maybe my sisters do, I mostly consider myself as a "Person" or a being (But preferably, person).


I mean we only wanted to be treated all the same right?

Hello! I am nihi, i have 3 tulpas




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K: Pretty sure everyone wants equal treatment, sure. And honestly, how I see all this is weird. Mostly, if I am in control of the body, I am human, while in wonderland, I am not. And it's the same with Sam. Clara and Jessi don't ever control so they are never human.

[hidden]Kelly (K: )

Sam (S: )

Clara (C: )

Jessi (Jess: )

Eva (E: )

Jackie (Jack: )

Jade (Jade: )

Destiny (D : or Desti: )

 Altru (A: )


Mute (M: )




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I have two different reasons that I think a tulpa is a human


1:A tulpa lives inside a human body and is made up of human neurons which makes them a human


2:A tulpa is created by a human mind which will naturally model their mind after their own because it is the only type of mind they can make (where would a human find out enough about how a nonhuman mind works to make a exact replica of it)?

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A mind within a mind? I don't think it can work that way. That would paint the original human as some sort of supergenius to figure that all out. More likely it is a mind created by stimulating the same functions and levers that were used to create the original mind in the brain.


How would a human mind learn enough to make a non-human mind? What is it like to be a bat? I'd say, you'd need to spend a very long time in a library.


This is not, of course, to say it is impossible to create something you don't understand. Most things are only ever imperfectly understood by their creators. From food recipes to tulpas. Especially tulpas.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Asuka: does it matter if we are human or not? Should that really change how we are treated by our host or others.


I surely got changed to something I wouldn't call a human, but that doesn't mean I should be treated any better or worse because of it. I'm still someone who wants to live their life and help others. I'm still a person who can have all the emotions my hostess can.

Sophie: i'll do most of the posting as we're still working on getting back up and running.




i've more to come as i pull them out of cryo.(others may call it stasis)

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