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Jimmy's Pony Creation Thread. Because you were too unoriginal to make your own.

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What would you suggest in terms of tulpaforcing, if your creating a pony from the mane 6? Spend less time on personality because I know Fluttershy's so well?


No, just make her personality different from canon Fluttershy.


Or better yet don't make Fluttershy at all.


What you want to avoid doing at all costs is making a tulpa based on Fluttershy's appearance and personality. E.G. trying to recreate canon Fluttershy as a mental schism. Bad idea.

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Just don't give her memories of the show as part of her personality. Someone gave theirs false memories and it eventually became suicidal. As long as she isn't pining for the show, it should be alright.

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....because? You can't just pop in and say that without providing any details.

That's Jimmy to you.


Leave him be. He's missing out on the ponies that we'll come to love even further than we already do.

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