Is tulpamancy hard?

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I'm curious about what more experienced tulpamancers think about this.

Some guides give the impression that just spending some time narrating and forcing every day will do the trick. Others claim that tulpamancy is hard.

So, can you tell me about your experience in creating Tulpas, and if you found it to be easy or hard?

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It's not difficult to do the things that can land you with results (not too sure how you'd measure difficulty here), especially with so many different methods laid out in the guides. It just requires dedication and is very time-consuming, points that are often drilled into the heads of newcomers.

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it's definitely not hard, it might just take a long time for some people but not others. If you don't think commitment is hard then it really isn't, the hardest thing we ever have to do is struggle to visualize things cus our visualization sucks, but even that gets better with practice pretty quick

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Well, I can give you my experience, which about 95% of the forcing I did was passive forcing for weeks by keeping Arcanus imposed constantly since we rarely use mindscapes at all, and it worked pretty well. We already have mastered everything except for any form of imposition, and this method of creating a tulpa is perfect if you have a busy schedule or suck at meditating, but Tulpamancy success rates vary greatly from person to person, and this method may not work for you. But if meditating or active forcing doesn't work for you, this may just be the thing for you, but that's just my forcing experience.

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[Tri] Well, actually making a tulpa ranges anywhere from easy to hard. Varies considerably how long one has to work at the task to make a tulpa. It isn't that it is so hard at any one time, just, it can take a lot of time for some. However, for many, it is actually living with a tulpa that is hard - adapting one's life and coming to terms with not being the only resident in the brain and what that all entails. Sadly, it seems to be especially hard for many hosts to walk the walk so to speak of seeing one's tulpas as equals and treating them as such.

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