3D Modeling Wonderland

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As my old computer exploded (literally) I am recreating the wonderland on my little laptop.. (little intel atom haha got to be careful with this one) I am doing this in open source Blender

So i have decided to post up the pictures here if anyone is interested in the full file when it is compete just PM me.

I have to render it in openGL because the camera isnt working (As i have no GPU)

So here is the first update


This is Flaredash's house overlooking a lake *unnamed* and his house is there also with his shed surrounded by a forrest. I apologize if the pictures are bad I do not have a great computer at the moment to do this with.


Flaredash's house and shed.


Flaredash's lake, house, shed and forest.


Update 2

Flaredashes house next to the lake v2


I have completly redone the whole thing decided to do it in parts then join them together later.

tell us what you think?

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3d, that's a pretty cool idea. I moved this over to the Tulpa Art section -- keep up the modeling!

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Why don't you make it in minecraft.


Because minecraft is actually more resource demanding then the 3D software I'm using.

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