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Let's talk about Professionalism and stuff.


Should professionalism be enforced?  

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  1. 1. Should professionalism be enforced?

    • Yes.
    • No.

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I'm all for a "Senseless Banter" subforum. I myself originally came from DreamViews thanks to Avalanche (though I found the forum myself) and it might be more effective to the forum as a whole if forumers cut down on vulgarity just a bit.

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Oh god, I'm awful at holding myself to standards, especially high and professional ones. Based on the poll though, it seems the majority want it this way, so I'll clean up

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I voted no, but: I believe swearing words should not be censored, that's just make-up. Despite from this, members who are swearing all the time or don't fit in here should get their account closed.


It has to be decided individually, that's why we have mods and admins on here, right?

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