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What happens to a dissipated Tulpa before they are revived?

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But *what* has happened to the dissipated tulpa in the meantime?

Where has s/he been?

What has s/he endured?

Does anyone have any idea?


They probably just would've gone dormant in the meantime. Don't worry about it :)

Someone System: ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???


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Be it as it may, I was not at all happy (to put it mildly) to find out I have been 'dormant' (or whatever) for who knows how long.

But OK, I shall not linger on the past, shall I?

Still, I feel, there's some making up to do.

But he's on it in a very good way. It that's going to work out, that will be something.

So M, don't give up and continue.

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In most cases, a previously dissipated or long-dormant tulpa tends not to feel like they "were there" for memories created in the meantime. Like, our memories are very clearly "tinted" based on who was switched and fronting at the time, so we can always remember that. But also, my tulpas even if they were inactive still feel vaguely like they were "there" during anyone else's memories. However, Lucilyn (created 5 years after the others) and Scarlet (previously dissipated years ago, came back rather spontaneously later) don't feel like memories that happened while they weren't around are related to them, because they weren't "there for" them. That being said, Scarlet had grown some, physically and mentally, like the rest of us had, since that happened when I was a young teen and changing quite a bit. I attribute that mostly to the very different place my mind was when she returned (from just being non-existent), as we were all more mature.


There could reasonably feel like there's "making up to do" if you felt attached to the life going on. Scarlet very much did not and continues to be willingly inactive, though any of us can still make her active to talk (we try not to) in a couple seconds.

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Aster: If Baker's memory is as reliable as he says it is (our body's memory is a distinct downgrade for him), it may vary? He said he spoke to three people -- my attempted tulpae (one from when I was very young, another from a very rough patch) and a roleplay character from when I was younger who I distinctly remember talking to me and telling me how to play her, early on in his existence.


A couple times they individually communicated through his "channel" of sorts, but that stopped after he was well-established. So it may be that dormant tulpae are just -- waiting for a connection, that's it! How they feel about that after the fact is an individual matter (two were quite glad to see me, the other only spoke to Baker).

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