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Host needs a new middle name

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[align=justify]Radio wants a new middle name. He thinks his just being a wrestler he likes is lame.


Rules: It has to be 4 letters, and can't start with R, A, P, I, B, S, L, or F. Has to be one syllable (even though "Fire" is technically two syllables but ehhhh). Maaaybe two syllables if they sort of blend together


Has to be like a word, not an actual name. No "Ross" or "Jack" or whatever.


L might be okay if it's a good one though.


Maybe something related to the current theme he has going on.


"Radio __ the Song Demon"


Or something related to music, he'd probably prefer that.




(also don't say "Host" :P )


[Radio] I might change the "Demon" thing since it just sounds edgy. It was after Kane, since he's the "Devil's Favorite Demon" and all that, but meh.

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Goat (probably not lol)


Manz (???)



I'll edit this list when I come up with more.


For some reason, "Radio Keys" sounds fun to say.

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