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If you stop believing in your tulpa, will they die?

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Ember: There have been several times when people have come to this site, decided that tulpas were absolutely not real, and practiced tulpa creation techniques to show that they could not possibly work. They were then surprised and humbled when the techniques were actually effective.


There have been several times when people have come to this site, and believed desperately for years in their tulpas without getting any clear responses back, investing hundreds, even thousands of hours of effort, because they could not bear the thought of abandoning someone they had come to love.


So belief is neither necessary nor sufficient for tulpa creation, though it may help in some systems and with some techniques.


Attention is far more valuable to a tulpa than belief. Attention is what keeps a tulpa active and allows them to function and continue reinforcing the unique patterns of thought that grant them existence. Attention often creates headmates in writers, actors, and roleplayers that have never heard of tulpas and might be skeptical of them if they did hear.


Sometimes headmates will re-emerge undimmed, or even stronger than before, after years of neglect, or years after they announced they were leaving for parts unknown. Sometimes headmates will be weaker and less well defined after even a few weeks of idleness, though this is usually the ones who were not very mature to begin with. There may be a threshold level of maturity and independence that makes a headmate resistant to degradation from inactivity.


People who have been involved in the dissipation of a headmate have sometimes said that they no longer remember quite what the headmate was like. That, I think, is the only true way for a headmate to die while their brain remains undamaged, if no one in the system can remember them well enough to call upon them.


It is normal to worry when another life is dependent on you. But tulpamancy is hard to ruin by accident.


Vesper: I'll just add that a host's doubts are incredibly annoying and aggravating. But I don't regard them as a existential threat.

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I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


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Nah. Generally, tulpas don't die easily, unless the host dies. That is, the body the host and tulpa are present in. Otherwise, if you have a fairly strong tulpa, it will usually still be there even after years, albeit they might've weakened over that time. It's rare for tulpas to really "die off" like that.

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I mean, assuming your tulpa isn't well developed enough to exist on their own, if you stop paying attention to them that sure won't do'em any favors... but we wouldn't just disappear the moment you stopped "believing in us"

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