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Creepy images during forcing

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Hello guys, I'm only at 7th day of forcing. 2 days ago I wanted to do morning forcing session, but I had really fearful images (4 big eyes staring at me). I tried different relaxing techniques I found on forum all 3 days, but it didn't work at all. Also tried to speak to Arisu (my tulpa) passively, but had same result

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It seems like an intrusive or an unwanted thought. This is probably popping up because you're spending more time paying attention to what's in your head, and it isn't a sign you are doing anything wrong.


If the thought pops up, try to ignore it and continue with what you are doing. If that doesn't help, feel free to talk about it with Arisu. Sometimes talking it out with your tulpa can make it less scary.

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Usually this is due to ironic process theory, which is basically "When you try not to think about something, you cause it to be thought of even more". So when Ranger says to ignore it, that's quite literally the answer - there's a difference in trying-not-to-think-about something, and ignoring it. Ignoring is much harder. You basically have to accept that it's a meaningless invasive thought that's only popping up because you're thinking it will, consciously or not. Believing there's more inherent meaning to any and all invasive thoughts gives them staying power in your mind, while knowing they're just random fluff that'll go away when you stop thinking about them can help.


Particularly persistent invasive thoughts might stick around, but if you work on ignoring them and doing what you were going to do anyways, they should fade over time at worst. At best, you can actually learn to streamline this process (like I have) where you can nearly instantly dismiss invasive thoughts by being like "Yeah that's a thought I don't care about - moving on". And while it might stick around for a few moments, I've trained myself to really and truly move on, so it goes away quickly.

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