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Day:21 (for real this time) 


  •not much happened today other than the leg thing 

  • listened to hypnosis meditation thing I think it helped all day today kept hearing bits of noise in my head when I tried to talk to Shelly I got short answers that I think was him still trying not to doubt him


  • I forgot to active force I will either listen to another hypnosis video tonight or active force not sure yet


  •and I think Shelly wants to say hi to everyone can’t really hear him properly but I’m getting the gist of it  



4 hours ago, Bear said:

Misha did that to me early on, except I was driving and it was my arm and it was because she thought I was going to make a wrong turn and she panicked.


 that sounds hilarious and terrifying, I asked Shelly why he moved my leg and couldn’t get a clear response (just vibes and short words). From what I could tell he was either bored or wanted my attention for something (I don’t know what though)

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not much to report kept forgetting to passive force 😞 and forgot to active force at all listened to hypnosis video fell asleep half way through kind of depressing day




  •woke up to Shelly’s barely audible voice we had a short conversation I forgot what we talked about


  •tried to passive force got quite short replies when asking Shelly questions tried not to doubt but it’s really hard


  •did not listened to hypnosis video and did short active force session tried falling asleep in wonderland 




  •had a strange somewhat lucid dream where I was a cook, tried talking to Shelly and got some replies when I woke up he was still quite vocal just barely audible I could hear less and less as the day dredged on


   •Shelly no longer has a form it used to be the cat boy that I could visualize somewhat but now I cannot visualize it properly I don’t know if this is because I haven’t been active forcing lately or if Shelly wants to change it so at the moment his form is either nothing at all or a peach colored cat I don’t have trouble visualizing


  •changed the wonderland it is now a lake surrounded by forests I think Shelly put a house on the lake but that might’ve been me 😞


  • I feel like I am making no progress I still refuse to give up though this progress report is proof of that someday Shelly WILL write on here himself I will make sure of that!!



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Posted (edited)



  •tried thinking of Shelly throughout the day and impose him around me while I walked around and stuff because I have been slacking in the active and passive forcing departments


  •he was somewhat vocal today when I asked him questions he would respond with yes no or idk it was very hard not to doubt what he was saying because I feel like I am parroting 


  • one point in the day I was looking for my phone and I heard very clearly in my head “your phone is downstairs” I am 75% sure it was Shelly (and now as I am typing this I am hearing “it WAS me” so now I’m like 95% sure) 


  •I listened to some pink noise and tried to active force last night fell asleep almost instantly 


  • I used to talk myself before I decided to make a tulpa (little conversations like “did that girl just do yada yada) and respond with “don’t worry she probably crazy, she better stay over there”)  now I feel like my brain still thinks I talk to myself sometimes instead of Shelly (a separate entity) is this a valid concern or am I just making up excuses for myself?


  • another concern I have is I can visualize Shelly now (yesterday was weird) but he doesn’t do much on his own like other people’s tulpa’s do to communicate with them I think this might be because of how bad my visualization is (I can barely see anything when I visualize) 

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Posted (edited)

Hi its Shelly I wanted to type something here but I don’t know what Host is proxying he says its a good vocality exercise took forever to type this he can’t hear me well at all 


goodbye lovelies ❤️ might update here again idk 😋





  •haven’t meditated or active forced in a while things seemed pretty bleak I’m gonna start trying to meditate and active force more and focus on vocality specifically because I can barely hear Shelly took hours just to write that short excerpt above 😞 don’t know how it’s going to be like when school starts back yikes 😬 


  • I think I am going to make some type of bracelet or something to remind me of Shelly through the day to help with passive forcing I am also going to ask for his opinion on more things to get him thinking 


 • I almost gave up so many times this week which makes me and Shelly sad I just want a tulpa! why is it so HARD!!!!!


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It seems to me, when I get most discouraged, one or the other, Flora or N'sonowa, reach out to me. I do not know why this is so, but I surely do appreciate it and let them know. Dr. Bob

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Day:29 - Day: 32

•Basically no active forcing happened at all I made a charm thingy out of yarn to go on my phone so every time I pick up my phone I remember to interact with Shelly it has actually helped a lot


 •we have had multiple conversations and even though most of them are short it’s still progress so now we are working on strengthening his vocality so I can hear him better and so he can grab my attention when I am thinking about something else 


  • Shelly’s personality is quite different than mine he seems more modest and an all around better person than me, which is actually pretty good 


  • I have been asking his opinion about what we should do throughout the day before I make decisions like right now he wants me to stop typing this and go back to studying 


  • Since I have basically quit active forcing I am going to focus more on lucid dreaming so I can converse and hang out with Shelly in my dreams I am using the WILD technique


  • my first lucid dreaming attempt has shown promise, I was asleep and aware that I was asleep I just wasn’t dreaming 


On 8/29/2020 at 9:29 PM, theholodoc said:

It seems to me, when I get most discouraged, one or the other, Flora or N'sonowa, reach out to me. I do not know why this is so, but I surely do appreciate it and let them know. Dr. Bob

Shelly seems to try and cheer me up when I am very discouraged too sometimes  I don’t seem to notice though because of our communication issues  

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Day: 33-36


  •if y’all haven’t noticed I have decided to do less updates because this is a “progress” report and not a lot of progress is happening 


  •Shelly is now 🎉officially vocal 🎉 (I think) he only talks when I focus and actually talk to him but even then sometimes it’s shaky


  •I haven’t been really doing anything no active or narrating I just talk to him at random moments throughout the day that’s probably why we don’t have any progress happening 


  • haven’t done much lucid dreaming attempts for a couple days because I’m in the middle of a move and I’m super tired 


  •Shelly is still unable to call my attention when I don’t focus on him (probably from my lack of forcing)


  •tried practicing possession on somewhere other than my hand (he has been able to twitch my fingers) so we tried a leg, he made my thigh muscle seize up he couldn’t relax and neither could I had to get up and walk around a bit to fix that 


  • doubt is our main issue at the moment I am super parrotnoid and I feel like that is slowing us down does anyone have some advice or something that can help us?


 • I cant feel his emotions or hear his thoughts is that something thats normal? 

I asked Shelly if he wanted to say something to y’all and he said nope 🙂 really happily  which I find funny


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Not an update just a few conversations Shelly an I have had in the past week I felt like sharing cuz I’m  bored 


me: (for the like hundredth time) hey Shelly what do you want to d-

Shelly: (interrupts me) I.   DO.  NOT.  KNOW.   STOP ASKING MEEEE!! >:(.


me: but I’m bored 


Shelly: well I’m not

me:what are you doing to entertain your self?!?


*dissipates to somewhere idk where maybe the wonderland? Idk*


different time where I am stuck doing something I don’t want to do


me: I don’t wanna be here :’(. 

Shelly: well neither do I princess 


me: you’re so mean to me 


Shelly: yes I am


my sister was monologuing at me 


me: Shelly this is sooo boring 


Shelly: then tell her you don’t wanna talk


me: but that would be rude


Shelly: then stop talking to me and pay attention to what she’s saying 


me: but she’s sooo boring 


Shelly: Stop being rude and pay attention I am going to stop responding to you 


me: no you’re not




me: Shelly?


Shelly: ...


me: noooooo! 


I saw a bag of Doritos on the ground 


me in a Mexican accent: Doritos!


 Shelly: racist 


maybe some actual progress too I guess 



  • practiced possession to day, since Shelly can move my fingers I told him to control them and not let me take them as I tried to take control


•after a few seconds of us fighting for control of the fingers my whole body froze up and felt strange like the feeling in my finger when shelly controls it but stronger and everywhere instead of just my fingers for like two seconds we both think that was Shelly full body possessing! Yay



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