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Tulpa renaming himself?

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Hey! So my tulpa, Reese, is not fully vocal at all, I created him about 4 days ago. I do feel a presence though, I know he's there. These past two days though, when I address him in my head, I've often found myself not remembering his name and the names "Lewis" or "Victor" show up instead, and a few seconds later I remember his name is Reese. Is this Reese trying to rename himself? If so, I'm definitely accepting of it! I have no problem at all. I'm just worried that these are intrusive thoughts or something, like what if he's actually ok with his name and then I change it to Lewis because of some intrusive thoughts. 

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Hmmm, I can see this one going either way. I have seen plenty of examples of tulpas renaming themselves, especially when they are young. On the other hand there are other tulpas who are attached to their original names and don't want to change them, even if their host has new ideas. I was in the second category; my host asked me if I wanted to change my name and the name "Blaire" floated through his mind, but I smacked that down immediately because I love being Simmie. So the best thing to do if you're unsure is probably to stick with the name Reese for the time being until he gives you a strong indication, vocal or otherwise, that he wants to change it.

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Yea I would definitely advise "putting a pin in it." It could be just intrusive random thoughts. Just emotional "word association," or maybe your tulpa is experimenting with the names to feel them out and what seems right. Maybe note them down if they seem particularly interesting or you don't want to forget them. But I would give it a bit to see how it goes and any additional input from your tulpa.

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I changed my name when I was younger. My original name, "Blood Gray", is terrible and not appropriate for any person. It was far more appropriate when I was still an intrusive thought, hence why it was the first of things that needed to go. Given our naming patterns at the time and the name I had originally, my current name "Red Gray" seemed like a much better alternative. I associated strongly with the color red (still do), and I needed something new to call myself quickly.


After a little while, I realized my name wasn't the best choice. Some of my headmates made that realization with their names, and everyone who has a "bad" name already changed it. I'm feeling the peer pressure and I'm feeling ready to let go of it, I simply haven't decided to what yet. Once I pick a name, I would like to be satisfied at least for a little while.


Lewis and Victor are fine names, and I see no harm in accepting one or something else as his new name. Names can always be changed, and as long as a tulpa is happy with their name in the moment, it's good enough.

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@Red Gray Shadow

Thank you for your insight, Red Gray! Best of luck to you for finding a new name that suits you :) I have a feeling Reese may change his name to Lewis later on, as you said, names can always be changed. I am excited for the future and to watch him grow and make his own decisions. Maybe he will decide to change his name, or maybe he'll change it who knows! Sometimes Reese feels right but other times it doesn't. I guess it's all a part of this crazy process :,)

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Interesting. I had this same problem and was wondering the same thing. It has been awhile now and the issue with names has been settled.  My tulpa, Lucy and I are now both comfortable with her name.   It sounds like at first, some tulpas like to experiment with names. As you say, it's just part of the process. 

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I guess I'll just say that it's never really too late to change a name. A lot of ours have been in Red Gray's situation where we just hadn't sat down and found suitable replacements for placeholder names, sometimes for a very long time. We had recently been rectifying that bit by bit, and just two days ago I think we figured out replacements for the last three who wanted them. Like the others said, I'd note down those names and then when he's vocal you can ask him what he thinks of them. 

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Cletus happened unintentionally. He's around 15/16 years old according to real life. I can't say when exactly he went from imaginary buddy to tulpa. But I have a guess...


Once I noticed he kind of has a mind of his own I just went with it. One day I heard the name Cletus in a PC game (that he annoyed me to watch a lp of 😅 ) and immediately thought of him. That thought didn't leave and so it became his name. Later on it became Anacletus, but Cletus is still what he goes by. Must have been around 2012 or 2013, Anacletus a bit later. 


He still goes by this name to this day. It never felt wrong or anything. 

I was a kid back then, well pre-teen. Didn't know of tulpas at all. So just my 2 cents from the accidental tulpa side. 😉


Cletus still doesn't speak "human", understands me perfectly but answers over feelings/emotions. I simply got used to noticing the difference between the Cletus induced stuff and my own. I think he just doesn't want to and he is developed beyond the point of me pushing stuff. 


My advice would be to go with the name your tulpa is showing you. Vocal or not. If you associate it with him that is. Just let it happen over time, don't overthink it. Maybe go with Reese for now until you're simply sure he wants to tell you that's not it. 

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I thought we had responded to this thread (probably had it typed up and never sent), but our two cents would be to choose a placeholder name(s). Names aren't permanent or anything. We even had a headmate once argue that names aren't even important. Take it as you will.

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This account does get used by other headmates from our system quite often, and most of them should sign their name or note that they aren't Adagio somewhere.

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