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Happy New Year! Forum Upgrade and New Staff Role


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Happy New Year .info.  Seems like 2021 just blazed by.  I have a couple of announcements tonight.


First, the forums have an upgrade.  As always, please let me know if you notice any issues.  I'm sure new features that we don't want probably creeped in.  Alternatively, if there are new features that you do like, yay!  Let me know about that too!  You should also have the ability to create bookmarks now, try it out! 


There may be some issues with the Dark Theme, I'm working on that, more details here:


The next announcement ties into something that I've been thinking about for a while now, in regards to the GAT, community events, etc.  Way back in 2019-2020, I wanted to start working towards hosting more community events (such as Movie Nights, Game Nights, etc.) and other projects to help with the betterment of the community.  Unfortunately "2020" happened and my life was sort of put into some craziness.  While we didn't have a chance to pursue that much in the last couple years, 2022 is a new year of opportunities!  I'm going to be posting a new topic soon to propose some of my fleshed out plans for the community and what my vision for tulpa.info is, but for now just know that I'm going to do everything that I can to start having regular updates, movie nights, etc. again.  Which brings us to the announcement at hand:


We now have a new staff group: Community Manager.  Community Managers will be dedicated to working on community projects, can help with troubleshooting, and help with general community betterment.  While they aren't moderators, they can definitely relay things to moderators, handling spambots, report topics, etc.  Community Managers can also edit and create community events on both the discord and forums.


I have always wanted someone as a dedicated staff member to advocate for the community and move these things forward; think of it as an extension of the GAT or my fledgling attempts at movie nights.  Anyone is free to continue suggesting and trying to organize community events and such, heck, I still want to try, but now there's someone dedicated to helping with that.


I'm proud to announce that @Rangerhas decided to step up as our Community Manager.  They're going to take a break as a Moderator for the time being to put all of their effort into this, and I'm excited to see what they come up with.


Happy new year everyone.


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