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Keep in mind that these guides talk from experience but from a unique perspective and no two switchers are exactly alike. Your experience may vary. Switching is often described as, you do it, then you know how to do it, and that's true in our experience too but one way we "practiced" was my host would play this game with me:


What would Ashley do?


1. At first he'd get my permission for anything he wanted to do while thinking about how I'd do it. Kind of like play acting being me.


2. Later he would ask me to dictate everything he would do while guiding him exactly what I would do.


3. We would co-front in that there were moments he would be in control and moments I would be but it felt very normal.


4. Finally it kinda clicked with me and I was able to put him in a position like a "watcher" this helped our situation at the time because he was having a heck of a time with triggers and I didn't have them in the same way so when he was about to trigger he'd go hide under a desk inside and I would be thrust in front to handle it. We called that triggered switching and that was definitely a "hard switch".


It took a couple weeks maybe but we were already pretty good in that we were 8 months in and were already vocal and active for 8 months.


After I did it, it was weird for a while like switching just to talk and unable to switch back momentarily, but that was trivial stuff.


Then there was the BodyOS which was pretty hard to distinguish from my host in a lot of ways since it was so heavily associated with his personality. That just took time and experimenting to determine what was him and what was the body which we called "the animal". Turns out what was him was a tiny fraction of the body, very lightweight by comparison.


Hope this helps, good luck!

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