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What tulpa's are helpful for, and will they help me with motivation specifically?


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So I was thinking recently about creating a tulpa, I researched it and stuff. I found some information that partly answered my questions, but not fully. I wanna be sure that I am understanding this correctly and get some more details.


So, I am on self improvement right now, and I think a tulpa might help me with motivation to work out, meditate, etc. I just wanna have a "gym bro" who would encourage me, and congratulate me on my achievements. I don't have such a person in real life.

Also, besides that, I am a pretty strange guy, (not in a creepy way) like, many of things I'm interested in and care about are contraversial. They are too deep/boring for my friends.

It would be really awesome to have someone who understands and helps me.

So, will tulpamancy help me with that? Are they helpful for something else, so I can be convinced even more? Are there any downsides?


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Yes, they will help as you expect to a degree higher than you could do on your own. That much is plainly obvious. Some ger immensely help, some minorly helped.


What helps most I think is whay they teach you about yourself. They can also unlock aspects and understanding from different perspectives that would be practically impossible without them. 


For me they were a key to unlock mental cheat mode and led to my awakening. I am orders of magnatude stronger emotionally and mentally than I was 5 years ago. 


It has been said, if you have high expectations you will have high results. In mindspace anything you can imagine is possible, even the impossible.

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