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Building a memory house (1960's technique)

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Disapproved, with things like "hag out," and the formatting concern, and a general application common in other guide imagery and visualization submissions, it's not really unique. Of course, this could be a way for creating a wonderland, but usually common principles of guided imagery (i.e. first imagine yourself in a void, then imagine an object you could sit on, and so on) is pretty easy to follow through other sources.


Maybe if there was more instruction involved that went into more detail, I would be more than happy to review this submission again. I think the more submissions get approved for Tips & Tricks, or even Guides, the more future submissions may have to go into detail for a specific goal, or a few goals in mind to facilitate subjectivity in certain symbolism, methods, suggestive commands, and such for forcing.

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I would approve of this for either Guides or Tips and Tricks, if it was edited a bit and some things changed around, however seeing as how this has 4 disapprovals already, it won't really pass.


Spelling/grammar is pretty iffy, there's hardly any dots/sentence termination and there are a few typos.


Overall, I do think "roman rooms", "memory palaces" and other generalized wonderlands/mindscapes/... are tulpa-related, in as much as meditation and visualization guides are tulpa-related.


They are useful for both immersion and visualization-training purposes, to use as mnemonic devices to ways of interacting with your tulpa.


Don't worry about this it just means your subconscious has made a conclusion and has left you a sign that it is ready

(It may feel a little spooky the first time you see it though)

It's basically a "you got mail" from your subconscious


Curious interpretation, but I suppose another way of writing this would be that either something changed due to some reason (such as your tulpa doing something), or it better changed to suit your intentions/expectations/desires, or that the memory isn't yet very stable.


It is a safe technique, unlike hypnotizing yourself


I don't see how it's any more or less safe than making a tulpa, visualizing anything or hypnotizing oneself. I suppose some people may have more romanticized views of what hypnosis is.

Note that I'm not claiming anything is safe or unsafe - YMMV.

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