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Building a memory house (1960's technique)


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kerin says:


Here's a description of building a memory house (taken from the shout box as a reference for the future). Note: Updated as requested.

2nd Edit: This method, taught in the 1960's, is based on the even older Roman Method https://web.archive.org/web/20160205070549/http://buildyourmemory.com/roman.php .

3rd Edit: See also https://www.reddit.com/r/methodofloci .

And https://litemind.com/memory-palace/

O.k. Here's an exercise.

It's called a memory house.


Imagine a house

Imagine you are in a room in the house.

Now imagine some furniture, some pictures on the wall, a set of sliding drawers

Now take something you want to remember, make a little trinket of it in your mind

Now put that trinket in a drawer

From now, on anytime you want that memory back, you just go into the house, go into the room, open the drawer, and there it is.


Sometimes the furniture in a room will move between visits

Don't worry about this it just means your subconscious has made a conclusion and has left you a sign that it is ready

(It may feel a little spooky the first time you see it though)

It's basically a "you got mail" from your subconscious


Chill, hag out and just get comfortable in your memory house

It's a useful tool for remembering a thing you want to keep


Will that do for an example?

This is a Concentration technique from the '60's

It is a safe technique, unlike hypnotizing yourself


There is no hurry.

Memory houses can be built slow or fast.

They are enduring.



Create a room for your tulpa

Put furnishings in it

(Add some fluffy pillows and cushions if you think appropriate)

Now your tupla can put things in this room if they want to give them to you

They can put memories, objects, anything they want in there

Visit the room occasionally to see what they have left

If there are feathers everywhere then they have been pillow-fighting

Over time create more rooms , as many as you want


If you want, let your tulpa in the other rooms you made. they will probably enjoy that - it can be a lot of fun

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Damn, I read the entire thing from up to bottom, you should seriously consider reverting this.

Edit: You changed it, good.

I'm brazilian and my english is not really good, I'll do every mistake you imagine, but I'll try to avoid them.


Tulpa: Kuruminha

Age: Began on the middle of october.

Form: My avatar.

Sentience: Confirmed.

Mindvoice: Not yet.

Working on: Visualization and Mindspeaking.

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Do you still have the original thing that made your host create you?


Indeed. It is still there anytime I want to go there to retrieve a memory. In the main room there is a picture on the wall. If I think of touching it then it shows me an entire hour of driving down the freeway in 1975, sound and everything.

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My subconscious pre-made my wonderland in the form of a house for my tulpa, so I just went with it.


I think I'll add a few rooms and try this a bit later, once I'm finished working on my tulpa.

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Guest kingfisher

This seems promising; I just might make a memory house in a later time.

I only have a circular Salterini patio table with three matching chairs in the middle of a white void in my wonderland at the moment.

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I think some scholars use this technique to assign studied facts to locations and objects in the house. Aka 'memory palace'. During a midterm or final they just go to their mind palace and look around. i used one to memorize like 30 geographical locations in linear order across the continent from west to east. passed the damn test. Great book called Moonwalking with Einstein all about it.

fourfiction, the idiot.

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Not really sure how this is tulpa-related. The 'optional' section just seems like common-practice wonderland stuff.

Formatting is bad, and there are spelling and grammar errors. Disapproved.

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Not very tulpa-related. I guess the last part could be something someone might use with tuppers but I dunno. Honestly the part that actually includes tuppers is more of a wonderland than this memory thing you were talking about. The link is probably the better guide and explanation of the thing, but it's not your own material so we can't really rate that.


The formatting is a bit odd. Not sure why you didn't add a period at the end of some sentences either. You might want to consider fixing "hag out" to you know, "hang out" and "tupla" to "tulpa". And why is concentration written with a capital c? Is this a secret message?


And is self-hypnosis supposed to be dangerous now? I guess few people have managed to put them in trance with no way to wake up without someone else's help but that's very rare. I guess this could be just as dangerous if you made up bullshit memories and then remembered them as if they really happened when you got retrieve them after years or something, assuming the symbolism did stick. But how many would get that to happen, eh?


Also I must point out, mostly for NotAnonymous:


>your subconscious has made a conclusion and has left you a sign that it is ready

>It's basically a "you got mail" from your subconscious


Augh. Excuse me?


Anyways. In the end, this isn't very tulpa-related and could be written a bit better anyways. I don't think we can really approve guides and stuff that have really nothing to do with tulpas, so I'm going to have to disapprove.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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