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How many people have made or worked on tulpae before realizing what they were doing?


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I did, but once I realized it was a tulpa (it was "God" but then I realized it was actually a tulpa) i... disposed of it and made a new one.


On a side note, why did you make the subject so long? Every time I go to reply it says "Subject too big" >:(

Ermahgerd Ver fer Vernderterr


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I just find it amazing that most tulpas created before their hosts found the site aren't extremely messed up. The only one I can thing of that is severely fucked up in terms of creation would be fennecgirl's Link, since he had a backstory and now wants to become an hero.


There's no "right" way to make a tulpa, really. This site is useful, but don't follow it strictly. I've been making tulpa-like "characters" my whole life and they all turned out fine. I've just tried creating one in the image of a "Tulpa" and not just a character, and my Tulpa has turned out basically the same as the rest of my characters except sentient and self-aware. There's not a firm distinction. In fact, right now I'm in the process of thinking of how to approach turning one of my non-self-aware characters into a Tulpa.


As long as you give them love and treat them with respect, and don't have ulterior motives, I can't see a Tulpa turning out "fucked up". I think a lot of people tend to overreact to this possibility of an evil Cthulu-tulpa having epic mind battles with you, or think of it as more likely than it is (which I don't blame them as it is frankly existentially terrifying) but honestly it works like any normal relationship - you treat the person well and they'll do the same for you. There's situations like Koomer's, of course, but that's just an example of him having dehumanizing ulterior motives, not the Tulpa's will on its own. It all depends on the intentions of the person.

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The part that amazed us was how accepting people were when it came to Psyche, even though I had no idea how to properly describe what she was. I received multiple drawings and even a video about her on YouTube from members of the Silverladder community. At the time we referred to her as a construct.

-I still prefer the term over tulpa. *Hides*-

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My current tulpa was created knowingly, but I did unintentionally create one in my childhood. His name was Sam and he had a pretty clear mind voice.


In retrospect, I think his creation has slowed our current progress because I expected the tulpa creation process to be entirely new, but because i had already created a tulpa in the past, I was already familiar with several aspects of it, and this sort of blinded me from knowing what was progress. Not knowing this at the time, I hadn't really noticed progress with my current tulpa because I had attributed it to my imagination.

Tulpa: Sierra

Forcing since July 2012

Couguhl’s Progress Report

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