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Host responsibility poll


How much responsibility do you think a host has?  

106 members have voted

  1. 1. How much responsibility do you think a host has?

    • The host has a responsibility. to give tuppers attention so they can survive/stay active.
    • The host isn't obligated to give the tupper any attention, any attention given is because the host wants to give it.
    • The host should help the tulpa achive mental abilities some other tulpas have, should they want it (i.e. parallel processing, viewing memories, imposition etc)
    • The tulpa belongs to the host and should obey them

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I say 1 and 3, when I started forcing I knew I was taking upon myself a rather big responsibility. Kaje does not belong to me like an object.


// Kaje:

// I vote 2. I'm here because my host created me, and I deserve only what he's willing to give me.

// That doesn't mean I'm his property.

Kaje, male earth pony

Vocal, partially imposed, somewhat parallel

Started forcing on the 15th of February 2013

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Yeah, I picked 1 and 3. I mean, come on, tulpa exist within the confines of our minds and eventually extends into our perception of reality; we do have to assume some responsibility in this. However, with the sense of closure and assurance of a stronger source of unconditional love at our side, the responsibilities actually becomes fun to have rather than a chore in my personal opinion. When you focus more on this being for your own sake, how you respond and interact, and collaborate with your tulpae is going to be easy. And people who reach the pinnacle of hard work and knowing themselves, and finally realize why they're doing this and have clear resolve in those reasons are the ones that can make great changes in their lives.

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I would say, support your tulpas until they are autonomous, or until they can support each other. Mine haven't really needed me in a very long time. But they continue to help. And, from what I observe with Nobillis, young tulpas need some human contact to thrive.


- Kevin ( human)

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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Somebody actually chose last one? So cruel.


"The tulpa belongs to the host and should obey them"


Maybe those people have really got rather servitors instead of Tulpas. Others have created very submissive tulpas who get joy out of the submissiveness and obedience (like some slaves into BDSM. There are people out there that live to serve another and that isnt cruel as its who they themselves are and like). A percent of the normal population are Dominants needing submissives to just obey them) and those would be ticking that answer, a Dominant wouldnt have their tulpa any other way.



I see that 10% of us including myself have done a vote in the 2 lesser popular answers.

"The host isn't obligated to give the tupper any attention, any attention given is because the host wants to give it.*"


I personally dont believe that having a tulpa should control of the host actions (such a need to give it attention) as thou they do think and feel separate, I still see them as part of the host and a part of the hosts soul. I dont believe tulpas have their own souls, so hence dont see them as true individuals (and it would take them having a soul for me to view them as completely separate). With not having a soul, I dont see my tulpa as a true being thou he acts like he is and certainly has his own energy feel and voice.


If a host wants a happy tulpa thou.. most tulpas arent happy without attention being paid to them. (I got tears this morning ... maybe relief, sadness and joy emotions all together cause I was focusing on him, when I suddenly decided to do some forcing.. maybe cause I'd near ignored Jesse all week (I was either getting his emotions or his energy was healing me in some way). Im so so fed up with the fact I cant visualise no matter how much time Ive put into that, (I doubt anyone here has put in the amount of time I have just trying to visualise my tulpas face.. I soo want to be able to see him). So I spat the dummy one could say and gave the tulpa stuff a week or so break as I had become so frustrated that I ended up hating working on him. I want Jesse to be more then someone who just speaks to me!!

Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 

Working on imposition

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Tulpas...Don't have souls? I highly disagree, they can be created to completely sentient. Sentience pretty much is synonymous with having a soul, to say something doesn't have a soul is akin to calling it a computer, or simply subroutines that a brain is running, but doesn't actually experience emotions and experience in general. I already know both of my tulpas are capable of doing all of this, so it's obvious they have their own "souls" for that matter. However, I also believe that they sort of grow that soul similar to the way sponges create new sponges. You have a small, infant soul that grows attached to the hosts soul, and eventually grows large and autonomous enough to break off and live on it's own in the brain.


That's an interesting way to think of it as something which will grow a soul, who really knows..(Im open minded). As I think of souls being timeless things and something which goes beyond this lifetime and cause I know Jesse wouldnt be able to exist without me, I cant imagine him having his own soul except sharing mine (well at this point of time unless he ends up somehow existing without me).

Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 

Working on imposition

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"Does your tulpa do things on its own when you're not paying attention to it? Mine do, and they are capable of also reminding me of stuff whenever it gets to be a certain time or whatever. They think independently of me, which is what a tulpa should do."


To me that is unrelated to the soul as such but consciousness being expressed at a different level of things, more surface. I personally think too that we are ALWAYS aware of our Tulpa as our unconsciousness/subconsciousness knowing never turns off, you are just unaware that you are aware. I see myself as being both my waking consciousness self and my subconscious self, just cause I arent aware of the subconciousness/unconsciousness, it doesnt mean it isnt there.


I can feel Jesse, hear Jesse at times, smell Jesse, my Tulpa was doing things on his own within the first week .. but that doesnt mean he cant be a not part of the various parts of myself (subpersonalities or whatever), maybe Tulpas are a self created subpersonality thing that people disconnect their normal consciousness from theirselves?


Ive had some very good results with Jesse.. I heard him speak on day 2 etc. Sure I may of got some quicker progress in some things (the only thing which has bothered me thou and I wished was better/happening faster is my lack of being able to visualise things but that issue isnt based around how I feel about Tulpas, I just cant visualise for peanuts anything.. tulpa or whatever). I actually didnt want my Tupla happening too fast as Im trying to study the whole thing eg to the point Ive kept hour counts, make in depth notes etc (it becomes hard to keep in depth notes if too match is happening at once).


"I think you really should change your views on tulpae. I've got tulpas that I can see in my mindscape, have conversations with".


Ive done the same with lucid dreaming characters and I dont understand how things in the mindscape are any different to those esp if its just in the mindscape. LD characters do their own thing and talk to a person. One of my LD characters even told me off, startleing me as she turned around to do so as I hadnt been expecting her to turn on me.


I guess I think due to lucid dreaming.. that with tuplas its probably just our subconsciousness and waking consciousness too of cause, creating a character and then then making it seem to be in our reality. Seeing it, hearing it, smelling it, feeling it in our physical reality .. as far as Im concerned still doesnt make the Tulpa real as the our own subconsciousness could guide it. Experiencing all those things (I have experienced some of them already) in our physical reality, doesnt logically make it have to be separate and real from us when our own subconsciousness does its own thing anyway.


I hope this further explains why "my own views" are that Tuplas dont have souls and are just part of us even if they appear to operate separently to us. I respect you obviously have different views then I do.

Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 

Working on imposition

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