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Host responsibility poll


How much responsibility do you think a host has?  

106 members have voted

  1. 1. How much responsibility do you think a host has?

    • The host has a responsibility. to give tuppers attention so they can survive/stay active.
    • The host isn't obligated to give the tupper any attention, any attention given is because the host wants to give it.
    • The host should help the tulpa achive mental abilities some other tulpas have, should they want it (i.e. parallel processing, viewing memories, imposition etc)
    • The tulpa belongs to the host and should obey them

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Ok, updated options, so it should be better now.


Also, you can pick more than one option.


(one moment, I need to sort this out)



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Guest mule

Somebody actually chose last one? So cruel.

It was a joke. ;-;

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Of course the host has a responsibility to give the tulpa attention. Not doing so is the equivalent of a parent starving their child.


Also, while I do believe the host should help the tulpa be all they can (or want to) be, if only because they likely can't do it alone, I feel that abilities that affect the host directly (such as possession and switching) should be agreed on unanimously, and that the host should not make the tulpa learn any ability they don't want.

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I definitely think the host has a responsibility to give the tulpa attention. The host created the tulpa and they need to take care of it. As FlutterWonder stated above, to not do so is like a parent starving their child or neglecting their child. It sounds awful to me to ignore the tulpa. As for abilities, if the tulpa wants to be able to do something within reason then the host should try to help them. Also as stated above, the tulpa shouldn't be forced to learn something it doesn't want. The same goes for making the tulpa do something it doesn't want to do. It's a full-fledged being as far as I'm concerned and should be treated with respect and care.

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1+3. However once sufficiently established, attention isn't as important to keep them going. Ultimately I see about equal responsibility since we're just separate consciousnesses. But right now I feel I have more responsibility to do things for them because they're not yet as strong, established and developed as my own consciousness.

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