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Flo's Art/Drawing/Sketch/WhatEVAH Requests and Commishes! ^^


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If you want me to I can, I'll get to it when I've got time ^^


Thanks a bunch :3

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Okies Riser, here ^^


Celestia, here. Turned out a bit odd, sorry ^^; If you want me to try to fix it I will.


You don't have to make any changes if you don't want to. Thanks!

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If you're still taking requests I have something for ya!


Justine: Looks to be about 18 years old with a curvy figure and light pink wavy/curly hair that reaches the middle of her back. (It is parted on the left). She has green eyes and porcelain skin. (In the picture her eyes are blue, but in actuality they are green). I would prefer her to be wearing a pink and white lolita dress/outfit, you can make the details however you want. She has a cheerful and poised disposition. Height: 5'7"


Clarence: He has the appearance of a younger teen. He has messy and curly dirty blonde hair, as well as slightly sharp teeth. He has red bug eyes (no pupil). If you need a reference just look up Invader Zim. His skin is a light tan, and he is 5'3". His favorite shirt is a black and purple tye-dyed spiral. He wears goggles on his head (rare occasions over his eyes) which are white and have spirals on each lens as well. (hyno-goggles!) Also, he has large white wings.


Guess (formerly known as Sheldon): He has blue skin (cyan or bondi colored to be specific) red eyes and sharp teeth. He typically wields a chainsaw (a la Grell Suttcliffe). He is 6'2" and his personality is outgoing, clever, and logical. He tends to wear a lab coat and a stethoscope around his neck, with whatever underneath. If he's not wearing a lab coat he is likely to wear fancy clothing such as a suit and a tie.


Sorry if this is a lot to ask, but I would also prefer them in dynamic poses, not looking straight at the camera. Of course you can do whatever you want, and whatever style you think would look best. ^_^

Thank you so much!!!

Tulpas: Justine, Guess, Clarence


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