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I seem to have a problem with making tulpas...

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and @ OP, just don't take those seriously. They're just intrusive thoughts that you think are tulpae. You can't accidentally make a tulpa, oyou can only turn an intrusive thought into one, which you are doing. But like Shui said you can just leave them in another place. Really they'll be totally frozen like a shut-down computer but if you believe they're frolicking somewhere else it may as well be reality to you/them.




I've had this happen to me twice, where I accepted an intrusive thought as a new tulpa and called them "accidental". Then later on I thought about it and realized - there is no such thing as an accidental tulpa. You need the intent to make them, even if it's subconscious intent.


As for your problem - What I did to stop making the "accidental" tulpas was ask Alipheese if she wanted to be a shapeshifter (inb4 all tulpas are shapeshifters, you know what I mean) and take the form of those intrusive thoughts whenever they happened. Never had any "accidentals" since. Also as has been said before, your mindset is important. Believing you'll make more will lead you to making more, which is dumb for obvious reasons.


tl;dr get over it and stop believing in things that won't do you any good.

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