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As a way of both keeping track of my progress and to possibly aid anyone else curious about tulpas, I'm starting up a log here as I try to create mine. I only just started today (6/17/2012), so only time will tell how well this works for me. I'll try and update daily with progress and see how that works.




(X) Introduction

(X) Personality

( ) Narration

( ) Visualization

( ) Voice

( ) Sentience

( ) Smell

( ) Touch




Umbrella 1- Kind (X) [Pink]


Helpful (X) [Green]

Friendly (X) [Orange]

Caring (X) [blue]

Loving (X) [Red]


Umbrella 2- Creative (X) [Purple]


Enjoys writing (X) [White]

Enjoys reading (X) [Yellow]

Loves seeing new things (X) [brown]

Open-minded (X) [Light-blue]


Umbrella 3- Intelligent (X) [Gray]


Smart (X) [Gold]

Fast thinker (X) [silver]

Creative thinker (X) [Tan]

Curious (X) [black]


Umbrella 4- Shy (X) [Light Pink]


Nervous (X) [Dark Blue]

Warms up over time (X) [Light Orange]

Avoids arguments (X) [Violet]

Gentle (X) [Light Yellow]


Umbrella 5- Outdoorsy (X) [Dark Green]


Loves nature (X) [Light Green]

Loves animals (X) [Light Brown]

Likes going for walks (X) [Light gray]

Energetic (X) [Neon blue]


Freelance Traits (Traits that resulted from deviation):

Inventive (Wrench)

Gamer (Control Pad)

Organized (Folder)

Musical (Music note)

Loves Singing (Microphone)


Total time: 59 hours, 40 minutes


Day 1: Introduction


Hearing that having a little introduction with your tulpa before actually making it is useful, I decided to give it a shot. Started out with some music, but that ended up serving as more of a distraction than anything. After turning it off, I lay back in my chair and relaxed, allowing my mind to wander.


Knowing that this shouldn't take too long, I imagined my tulpa's form in front of me, though it was fuzzy. I talked to her, telling her my name and her own name. I told her about herself, generally covering all the traits she had (which can be seen above). Afterwards, I told her of the things we could do together after we'd made her a reality. Making sure to make tulpaforcing sound like a team effort, I wrapped it up and stopped.


It only felt like a few minutes, but it ended up being twenty. It feels like I should've been forcing longer, but I'm satisfied with this introduction. Afterwards, I had a minor headache that lasted five or so minutes. I noted feeling a few different emotions during the introduction, though I'm not sure where they came from.

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Day 2: Friendliness and Helpfulness


Things didn't start off too well. I couldn't get comfortable no matter what position I was in, nor could I really focus all too well. I eventually settled for just laying on the ground and working from there.


After a mini-introduction, I began work on personality. My method involved crafting a dull, gray sphere in my mind. Starting with friendliness, I created a green disc, with an emblem of a smiling face on it. While repeatedly mentioning 'you are friendly' and stuff like that, I imagined scenarios where the trait would come into play. I played these scenes out, making sure I had three distinct ones. Finally, I combined them all into the disc, which lit up, and then inserted it into the sphere. The sphere ended up changing colors, now taking on the disc's green glow. Not only that, but the smiling emblem was now embedded on the sphere's side.


For helpfulness, I did the exact same thing, this time with an orange disc with an extended hand imprinted on it. After three scenarios were inserted, I added it to the sphere and watched as a layer of orange covered half of the orb, as well as the hand imprint appearing next to the smiling face. I cut it off here, saying farewell.


Lasted about 25-30 minutes. Only after-effects were a very, very dull headache right afterwards, followed by a tingling sensation for a short period of time. The session overall didn't feel as successful as the introduction did.


Total time: 50 minutes

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Also note that Fede is going to be heavily biased towards his own methods and will post as such. Do what feels right.

Orange juice helps with concentration headaches.

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Day 3: Caring, Loving, and Kindness Completion


Using the exact same methods from yesterday, I worked on the last two traits for kindness. For caring, I envisioned a blue disc with a yellow heart on it, while loving was a red disc with a red heart. After giving each a few scenarios and some prompting, I inserted the discs into the sphere (which, notably, changed a little in appearance since the last session. Will get into that in a bit).


Yesterday, the sphere was just green and orange, each color covering a half of it. Today, they'd been shrunken down to stripes and moved to the center of the sphere, and the parts they'd once inhabited were now pink. The icons remained the same. Now, with the new additions, a stripe of red and a stripe of blue are added, and the symbols for their respective traits have been added to the previous icons. In addition, a grinning face appeared at the top of the sphere, which I'm attributing to kindness overall. One umbrella trait down, four to go.


Is what I'd like to say, anyway. The total session only lasted 23 minutes, which I doubt is enough. Not only that, but all of these traits together won't last nearly long enough for a decent personality formation. I'll keep going as is for now, but I'll definitely have to find a way to either lengthen tulpaforcing sessions, or find a way to reinforce all the traits once they've all been completed.


(Also, I'm probably going to run out of colors at some point.)


Total time: 1 hour, 13 minutes.

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Day 4: Creativity's beginning; Love for reading and writing


(Apologies for any mistakes, but I'm incredibly tired as I write this.)


With the first umbrella out of the way, it was time to move onto the second. Now trying to work on creativity, I gave it its own disc: purple, with an art palette on it. When added to the sphere, the overall pink it had split in half, making the sphere half of each color. Of course, the creativity disc itself is useless without traits to attribute it to.


Thus, I moved onto the first two creativity traits: An enjoyment of writing and reading. Writing recieved a white disc with a white quill on it, while reading got a yellow disc with a brown book on it. They were given three scenarios each and a lot of support, and now their symbols rest in the row on the sphere in between their respective stripes.


All in all, a really good session, timewise. I'm not sure exactly how long it lasted (somewhere between 30-40 minutes), but at least it lasted a half hour this time. Plus, the symbols were easy to create and see. However, all these colors and symbols are starting to become confusing. May to have think up a solution. No after-effects at all.


Total time: 1 hour, 43 minutes

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Day 5: Finishing off Creativity


Another day with the same methods. I did use some hand gestures as I tulpaforced though, which definitely helped me get more into it. Today's traits were open-mindedness (pink brain with a spiky yellow rim on a light blue disc) and a desire to see new things (an eye on a brown disc). Each were given three scenarios and added to the sphere. There's now too many colors for me to see them all at once, and the symbols are hard to see collectively as well. I can see them clearly when they're separate, however.


32 minutes total, no after-effects.


Total time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

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Sorry to say this, but... I have a really hard time taking your content seriously with a near-cracking Ed as your avatar.


And I still don't like spheres.

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Day 6: Working on Intelligence


Whoa, hard to believe it's been six days already. Nonetheless, the methods are still the same. Three new discs were made and given scenarios: A gray with with a brain (intelligence), a gold one with a lit lightbulb (smarts), and a silver one with a winged sneaker (fast-thinking). All were added to the sphere, though I notice I had a lot of trouble focusing today. It'd probably help if I stopped tulpaforcing at 3 AM.


28 minutes total with no after-effects. All the colors are starting to become a pain to remember, and I think it'd be helpful if I came up with a way to make it easier. However, I'm not sure of the effects it'd have if I changed the personality form a decent amount when it's halfway through creation. Anybody have any knowledge on this?


Total time: 2 hours, 43 minutes


Sorry to say this, but... I have a really hard time taking your content seriously with a near-cracking Ed as your avatar.


And I still don't like spheres.


I think Ed looks like he's about to orgasm, or he's mid-orgasm.


Hehe. I probably should have thought my avatar through more.

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