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Day 20: Trait merging (Finale)


Got the rest of the trait merging out of the way today. With only two umbrella traits (and the freelance ones) left to work on, this went by pretty quickly. A couple interesting combos were found, all went well, etc. etc.


Now that that's out of the way, we really should be going back and working on scenarios. But once that's over, no clue on where to go from there. Guess even more research is required.


35 minutes total, no after-effects.


Total time: 10 hours, 28 minutes


20 days in and 10 hours accomplished. I suppose that's some sort of milestone, even if it's just the tip of the iceburg.

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Day 21: Trait Scenarios Redux (Part 1)


Finally getting around to fixing up those scenarios I'd forgotten. Starting out with Kindness as per usual, I pulled the sphere up and removed the discs from them, making sure to add three new scenarios onto them before returning them to sphere. The disc colors aren't really that important anymore, so their colors varied. Loving's symbol may have changed a bit, but it's not really sticking.


31 minutes, no after-effects.


Total time: 10 hours, 59 minutes

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Day 22: Trait Scenarios Redux (part 2)


Another day of re-assigning scenarios, this time focusing on creativity. Nothing out of ordinary to report, though I tried narrating more all day today and got multiple small, brief headaches both throughout the session and throughout the day.


Also, since I've read a bit about how tulpas can assist in various ways, I've asked my tulpa for a couple favors as an experiment: wake me up at 11:30 (and give me an energy boost to assure I get out of bed, if possible), and see if you can give me a desire to work on something I've been putting off for a long time. Guess we'll have to wait and see if anything happens.


41 minutes total, with many small/brief headaches both inside and outside the session.


Total time: 11 hours, 40 minutes

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Welp, I did wake up with an insane amount of energy... two hours early. Got up at 9:30 and ended up going back to bed, in order to see if we could get the time right this time. We ended up missing 11:30 by a mile the second time around. Gonna have to try again tonight.


So far, no change in how I feel about what I've been putting off.

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Day 23: Trait Scenarios Redux (part three)


Same ol', same ol', this time focusing on intelligence. I gotta admit, it was really rough this time around, and finding scenarios that weren't redundant was difficult. Still, scenarios were found, and intelligence is finished.


In other news, we might have another trait in store. After reading a thread that made you think of how your tulpa would respond to a certain situation, we ended up with a situation we'd never really thought of. In the end, it resulted in a trait: Organized (folder icon). The trait isn't really sticking though, so we'll have to wait and see where it goes while we finish off the rest of the traits.


34 minutes total with a couple brief headaches during the session. Repeating yesterday's experiment again, making it very clear that the wake-up time is 11:30.


Total time: 12 hours, 14 minutes

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The tulpa alarm clock experiment completely flopped today. Slept in extremely late. Oh well. Can't do it tonight either, since I have to get up early for an appointment and that's something I'd rather rely on a working alarm clock for. We'll try the alarm clock experiment in the future, though.


Day 24: Trait Scenarios Redux (Part four)


Worked on giving scenarios to Shyness today. Making scenarios for this was much easier than for Intelligence, and it felt easier to go over in general for this batch. Plus, it's becoming easier and easier to remember traits in general. Anyway, scenarios were given, yadda yadda. Only one umbrella trait to go.


33 minutes total, no after-effects.


I'm going to try and extend the sessions for the next few days, aiming for an hour or more. The problem is, once I'm done with the next umbrella trait, I have nothing left to work on. Personally, I feel like we've gone as far as we can with personality. Still, any suggestions on how to further work on personality (or at least what to do next) would be appreciated.


Total time: 12 hours, 47 minutes

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Day 25: Trait Scenarios Redux (Finale), a New Trait, and Personality's End


Today's session was a big one. To start, it was time to finish off scenarios once and for all. With only Outdoorsy left to go, I quickly got into giving its traits their scenarios. Once that was over with, we worked with officially combining the remaining deviation traits with the sphere and giving them their scenarios. Amongst these deviation traits was a brand new one that just arrived today: Musical (music note).


When it was all done, there simply wasn't anything else I could think of to do. Personality is, for all intents and purposes, complete. To finish it off for good, I merged the sphere with my tulpa's current placeholder name, engraving the name into the sphere itself. I considered taking it a step further and merging it with my tulpa's placeholder form, but I feel that should wait until we reach the imposition/visualization stage.


To finish it off, I decided to give narration a try. I had absolutely no idea what to do, since there aren't really any good explanations for narration anywhere on the site. I settled for picking up a nearby book and trying to read it to my tulpa for a bit. Didn't feel very effective, honestly. Other than that, the session felt largely satisfying.


One hour total. Frankly, there were too many effects to list, including: firm pressure on the head, dull aches, my ears picking up a sound I couldn't quite hear, and more. When I first started writing this, the pressure was still here, but it's faded by the time I was finished.


Total time: 13 hours, 47 minutes

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Day 26: First Day of Narration


Narration is confusing to me. For my first day, I wasn't quite sure where to start. Keeping a conversation going is one thing, but keeping it going when you're talking to someone who won't talk back is a bit disorientating when it comes to keeping the chat flowing.


Anyway, I started the conversation with another introduction, since my last one was pretty much me wandering off into an entirely different subject every few seconds. Once this was over with, I decided to focus on one of the traits that came from deviation, since it feels that'd be a good place to start: Gamer. I ran through some of the games I like, checking to see if she'd find them enjoyable as well as I went along. I'll probably end up trying Musical tomorrow.


I was at about a half hour when I finished with that, deciding to move on to a different subject. For the rest of the session, I talked about what happens when she's completely finished: What happens when she's first imposed, how things go as days pass by, a few things I've been thinking of creating for her to go along with her likes, etc. This went on for another half hour before the session was over with.


Got a question that I thought up during the second half, as well as a request: If you force an item for a tulpa, do you have to create it again every time your tulpa wants to use it? If not, do they keep it on hand, or do they just pull it from hammerspace when they need it? As for the request, I'd deeply appreciate any tips for narration, such as how best to narrate or topics we could try going over.


The session was one hour, three minutes. After-effects include the occasional small, brief headache, though they were more intense this time. Also, near the end, I could hear the faintest murmuring in my mind, though I couldn't make out what was said nor could I get any more responses when I pointed it out.


Total time: 14 hours, 50 minutes

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If you force an item and forget about it, it generally just fades away. So forcing it often usually helps with permanence. And I've always had to force items for my tuppers IRL. For example, Markus has a chair he prefers that I forced, and it doesn't fade away because I've forced it up for him frequently. However, I tried giving Clair and Li different chairs, but they faded away because I didn't give them enough attention to stay. And after you've forced something consistently, it's easy to bring back up and doesn't require as much forcing.

Orange juice helps with concentration headaches.

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