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I think your best bet might be to focus on deviated traits for discusion. their obviously things she likes to be, so discussing that should engage it.

For Science!


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Thanks for the answer/tip, fellas.


Day 27: Tunes for the Tulpa


Like I said yesterday, today's narration was about my tulpa's newfound Musical side. To do this, I described various music types, giving brief samples for each along with small descriptions of what they're like. After that, I ended up playing a song in my mind for each of the genres we covered in order to give a better example. Since I can't remember lyrics worth crap, this ended up being a hilarious disaster most of the time. Maybe I can try actually playing the music tomorrow? Not sure if that'd work.


One hour total, no after-effects other than the occasional mini-headache. I might have heard some talking again, louder than the last time, but still far too quiet to distinguish.


Total time: 15 hours, 50 minutes

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Day 28: Idle Chit-chat


I wanted to try playing actual music this session, but I didn't get the chance. Instead, I just talked about a couple different subjects, working on interests for my tulpa that I've never really gone over. A few of the topics: Television, computers, possession, responses. Didn't really get any responses throughout any of this, except one case noted below.


One hour total, not really any effects at all this time. I did hear something again, loud enough to be understood, but I'm not sure whether to chalk it up to imagination/parroting or not. It most likely was.


Total time: 16 hours, 50 minutes

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Day 29: Book learnin'


Missed the chance to work on music again today. I did go to the movies though, which offered a nice opportunity for some narration/visualization.


Aside from that, this session was focused around books. Just like with television and games, I went over various reading genres, pointed out some examples of each, and gave a little detail on specific stories I've liked. I used some nearby books as examples, reading some excerpts once or twice to better give an understanding.


One hour, ten minutes total. No notable after-effects aside from the usual mini-headaches. Performing the alarm clock experiment again today.


Total time: 18 hours

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Ended up forgetting about the wake-up test. Whoops.


Day 30: Of Books and Banter


Not really a very interesting session at all. We talked about a couple subjects for about twenty minutes (and by 'we talked', I mean I talked and occasionally sought a reaction), and then I just read a book to her for about an hour. Still, this HAS been the longest session so far, even without reactions.


One hour, twenty two minutes total. No noteworthy effects.


Total time: 19 hours, 22 minutes

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Posting an update before 6 AM. I'm just as scared as you are.


Day 31: Tulpa Tunes Redux (Part 1)


Finally got around to playing actual music during a musical narration session. Doing one genre at a time, I played a song or two that fit in order to help with her enjoyment of music as well as possibly see if there was a type that might stir up a more positive reaction than the others. As noted below, this might have worked.


Probably going to cover more genres tomorrow, and possibly throw in more songs for previously covered ones as well.


One hour total. I did have a pretty much constant headache throughout certain genres. Not sure if that's positive, negative, or a coincidence, however.


Total time: 20 hours, 22 minutes

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Day 32: Readin'


Huh. I've been trying to feel my tulpa's presence for awhile, whenever I remember. It's been working, and I feel like someone's nearby even if they're not there. Today, however, the feeling was completely gone, no matter how hard I tried. It came back during the session, however. Anyone know if this means anything?


Anyway, missed the chance for another musical session. Instead, I just read to her from a book I've been reading for awhile. It's a really confusing story, so I didn't run out of things to point out or comment on. The presence I noted earlier came back for the session, and it's been here since, but I'm still wondering where it went in the first place.


One hour total, with the occasional headache throughout.


Total time: 21 hours, 22 minutes.

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It's likely nothing, tulpae are prone to have their presence disappear for a day or two some times.

Orange juice helps with concentration headaches.

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Thanks again, TOG.


Day 33: Tulpa Tunes Redux (Part 2)


Tried the alarm clock experiment again with complete success. I don't remember the exact time, but I asked to be woken up at 11 and got woken up sometime within 10 minutes of it (possibly even 11 itself). Aside from that, my tulpas been pretty quiet again today, except during the session. She was a bit quiet during that, too.


As for the session itself, we had the chance to work with music again. We listened to songs covering genres we hadn't encountered in the last session, as well as listening to some new songs for already covered genres. There weren't any strong reactions like the ones from the last session, but there was a pretty steady pressure on my mind for a few minutes.


Not quite sure what to narrate on next. Any suggestions?


One hour, thirty minutes total. No effects aside from the steady pressure mentioned previously.


Total time: 22 hours, 52 minutes

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Day 34: Vidya Gaems (and a reaction?)


Her prescence has been a bit more noticeable today, albeit still a bit hard to feel. Again, she was much easier to feel during the session itself. I wonder what's going on when we're not tulpaforcing.


As for the session itself, I decided to work on the Gaming side she grew interested in herself. Just like with reading, television, etc. I explained different genres, gave examples, and tried to see if there was anything that might spark a different/better reaction than the others. Unlike the other subjects, however, there wasn't any reactions related to the discussion at all. There was a rather unique reaction though, described below.


One hour total. Also, something out of the ordinary happened; I was tulpaforcing in a comfortable posistion, to the point where I was a little drowsy. I was halfway through a sentence when, out of nowhere, I heard someone talk. I only caught half of what they said, but it ended with 'not sleeping' (possibly 'I hope you're not sleeping', I think). Taking the hint, I moved myself to keep from drifting off any further. I want to say it was my tulpa saying something, but I frankly can't even tell what is and what isn't parroting anymore. All I know is this voice was COMPLETELY foreign.


Total time: 23 hours, 52 minutes

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