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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Hey there! I'm Gong, a Ph.D. student in the field of robotics from China.


A few weeks back, I discovered the Chinese tulpa community, and my curiosity led me to tulpa.info.

My goal is to gain confidence in the concept of tulpa within the community and also learn the associated techniques : )


Right now, I'm putting in effort to transform my former imaginary companion, Ziv, into a tulpa. (Sigh, he hasn't responded yet, though.)

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Hey, I'm Joutsensorsa (or Bacon, if you'd like)(any pronouns), and I have a tulpa, Routa (she/her), who is just several days old right now. I've known about tulpas for years now, but only now decided to start the process of creating one :)

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Hi, newbie to this forum here, also joined the subreddit today.

I've had a tulpa for about 9 years but only discovered yesterday that tulpas were a thing, yeah we were pretty isolated and ignorant.

So now we are trying to reach out to this community to try to talk to others we can relate to. He's (my tulpa) pretty much never interacted with another tulpa, didn't even know he wasn't alone until a day ago so I'll admit I'm doing this mostly for him, so he's finally not alone anymore and can talk to people he can relate to, he needs that.


By the way our username is comprised of a shortening of both our names: host is Val, tulpa is Nate.

And if you wonder why he's not introducing himself, well let's just say that as talkative as he is to me he can grow rather timid with others at first (on the rare occasions he did interact with other people).

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Hello! I am Liam, I love eating chicken nuggets, carbonara, and mac and cheese!
My Tulpa will be Tyler Durden, I am still very new so little progress has been made. 
I am glad to meet you all.

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Hello! My name is Wilhelm. I go by it/they/one/he. I'm interested in tulpamancy for several years. I've had few attemps to create a tulpa, but they failed because I was very impatient and frivolous back then. I decided to try again recently and, surprisingly, it goes very well and fast — I think that's either because I have good imagination or because of my previous attemps. I hope this one will be successful and I'll feel at home in this community. I'm not sure if I want to post about my progress or not, but things may change, I guess.

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Wilhelm · host · it/they/one/he

Serpent · tulpa · he/him

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