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I would like to request a drawing of Ria (Victoria). Attached is the only existing drawing of her - however, I'm not the one who drew it so it may not be 100% accurate, plus it's a bit cartoony and missing some realistic details. So I'll also include a description.


She specifically wants a somewhat lewd drawing of her. She doesn't have to be getting fucked or anything, but she'd like people to be able to see her naked, or at least topless.




She's a 17-year-old girl with big green eyes and curly blonde hair. She has a slender/skinny build, with no particularly defined muscles, and fairly thin arms and legs. Her facial structure somewhat resembles an upside-down-teardrop, looking a lot like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but with a smaller nose and mouth, and a smaller chin.


Intimate details: perky B-cup breasts, with average-sized cone-shaped pink nipples. Pubic hair shaved into a little pink heart, like three quarters of an inch in height.


Her hair is very important and difficult to describe, and not quite captured in the drawing I have of her. The hair is in tight curls, somewhat like this, and in this color (assuming our monitors aren't tinted or contrasting diferently and showing us different colors).


However, her hair isn't so puffy/bouncy - the way that style poofs out so much from the head isn't accurate, her hair lays against her head more like normal straight hair.


As for how it's styled:


She has no bangs on her forehead - all the hair in that area is pulled back. However, she does have two of what I guess you'd call side-bangs - they frame her face, a lot like the ones Ramona has in that image I linked to of her earlier, except Ria's are curly like the rest of her hair, start from just above her temples, and only go down to just above chin-height.


Apart from those two side-bangs, the rest of the hair on the side of her head is pulled back, mostly behind her ears. Then most of it pulls forward again near her shoulders, and goes over her chest, spreading out over her breasts (though generally the conical quality of her nipples stops them from being obscured). Its length stops a few inches below her nipples. The rest of her hair spreads out over her back, and stops a few inches above elbow-height (assuming arms at her sides).


Her personality is bubbly, happy, somewhat mischievous, and very comfortable (as in, it's not easy to make her blush).


Someone requested her posed laying down looking at the viewer. I personally think it would be very fitting (in fact she actually does it a lot) to have her just be sitting on a couch sprawled out all comfortably, resting an arm on the cushions behind her or on the back of her head, having her legs spread and reclining, stuff like that. But she only does that when she's totally naked so if you're gonna do just topless or something then just use whatever pose you think of.


Thanks a ton if you can get to this, she's really eager to have a drawing of her like this. (she may well have written the post up herself if she weren't asleep.)

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