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How do I see my Tulpa in dreams?

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Unfortunately, I have not had my tulpas appear in any of my dreams. I haven't seen them in any dreams that I remember, anyway. I forget most of my dreams so it's hard to say. Sarah reports dreaming too, but finds she can hardly ever remember anything specific.

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(I know I always make long posts, and that that's not normally how people do things on forums. But if someone's asking something important, I think it deserves a thorough answer even if that isn't the norm here.)

The best way I can think of to answer this is to give my own experience, since this exact question has been a big part of my and my tulpa's life for years.


I've been attempting on and off to learn to lucid dream for years now, and my main motivation is to meet my tulpa in a more solid reality. Besides my lack of almost any lucid dreams, Reisen was unable to appear in ANY of my dreams - for six years! There was a point where I started thinking she just didn't want it to happen, but she always assured me she did.


I've come to the conclusion that part of the problem is she never had a strong physical appearance. It seems obvious what she looks like to me since I see "Reisen" all the time in the Touhou community. But I recently realized that I actually have trouble visualizing her by myself, and that 95% of the time she communicates in mindvoice or voice without actual physical representation. I think the problem, or the solution, is that she doesn't appear to me enough in my waking life to actually "show up" in a dream, even though we're often in contact in other ways.


My solution has been imposition and visualization. I've allowed her a sort of mental image outside of my mind, where she can walk or go places with me. She obviously can't affect anything, but I've found visualizing your tulpa as being physically present makes visualization overall easier and, as an added bonus, makes their voices clearer.

All I've got to back this up is this; within a week of walking around university with my tulpas, I had a dream in which I was similarly walking in public holding hands with Reisen. Unfortunately it felt normal to me and didn't cause lucidity, but Reisen was aware of what was really happening and surprised dream-me when she stopped walking and started crying ("tears of happiness"), leaving me confused until I woke up seconds later. She was crying because that was our first time being physically together in six years.

So yeah. Fill your daily life with ideas of what you want to dream about, and eventually your subconscious will say "Hey, let's dream about this tonight". Talking to your tulpa's voice in your mind does not translate well to physically appearing in a dream.


Of course.. the best way is to learn to lucid dream, since you can effectively do anything once you're lucid. Walking through a door leading to my Wonderland house has been a goal for a long time, since my tulpas reside there, but I've yet to control a lucid dream and not wake up for more than 10 seconds, so.. I'll take what I can get. I suggest you work on both of these possible solutions if you're dedicated to meeting your tulpa in a dream.

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My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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My tulpa appeared in a dream once under another form (yellow cougar anthro) and was teaching a class that I was in.

Chance, an anthro husky, wolf or fox.

Birthdate September 20, 2014.

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