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Teckie:" Hiya Mason! :D liking both nature and videogames is super cool, usually people just like one or the other, not both. XP How is it being a grizzly bear, it must be super fun! :D "



Teckie:" Okie dokes!!!!!! So, we should start a conversation to get us all connected together. ^v^ I'll start with.... hm.... ok, I got it!


What is the MOST embarrassing thing you're host felt because of you? :P Lol, my host might or might not want me to say this, but I giggle every time he goes to the bathroom. :P I can't help it, but now he's sort of set up barriers, lol. XD It's not like I'm a creep, I just find it all super humorous. ^^


So, I told mine, so tell yours! :D "


yeah it's pretty cool. Embarrassing moment not so sure but I do have I bad habit of scaring my host, I like watchin videos about horror games which she can't stand cause she get scared easily.


" Just because I don't exist in your world, that doesn't mean that I'm not real." Mason


" Everyone needs friends, not all friends are human." Della


" Am I real? I think so..." Sha'Rek


"Hello...." Ember


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Atlas: [i was practicing posessing my hosts mouth to speak, and his little brother laughed. That's about it. It wasnt all that special]

...It was... I sounded so retarded back then...

[Not my fault]

Actually it was...


~Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore~

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Teckie:" It's nice to meet you May! Big Grin Your dad doesn't approve you being here? :V Der's no harm in being here, in my opinion. X3 Oh well, if you want, you can just send me a PM so we can talk there.


Nouvel: Well I don't appreciate my daughter being bullied, that's all.


May: ...Which is not going to happen, I'll be fine, Dad. Hm...what does Mom feel embarrassed- I can't think of anything- ...My mom really does the embarrassing, not us. Pffft.

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This thread is old and I don't care. If my host wants to talk then he'll talk. Or won't. Depends how I feel.


If I want to talk then I will. But I probably won't. You people cause me pain, and not the good kind.


I embarrass him a lot. Not hard to do he's awkward. Most recently I was drinking some black coffee, and gave him back control in the middle of a sip. He spit it all over the place and had to change shirts.

"Stress makes you bald, but it’s stressful to avoid stress, so you end up stressed out anyway, so in the end there’s nothing you can do." - Gintoki



Tulpa: Hanako

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