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Hello! I'm Sylvie, and I am a tulpa.


I've always wanted to make a post on something. Literally anything, but Josie (not her real name, just what I call her) wouldn't even let me post anything on her Facebook. Shame, I'd keep it totally PC as well (pun intended!). I'd just express how I kinda sorta hate most of her friends and have fantasized about blood-bending some of them into next week, nothing too bad. But today, she has given me full control of the laptop and freedom of speech and said "happy birthday". It's funny because my actual birthday is pretty soon. I'll be nine years old. My real birthday is actually around winter, but I wanted my birthday to be the same as Harry Potter's. Oh the simple pleasures of being a tulpa with a cool friend that lets you pick your own birthday.


On that note, I refuse to call Josie my creator/host or anything weird like that. Heck, I think friend's too small a term to describe what we have, but it's better than the aforementioned terms. Creator just makes me sound like a subordinate, and I'm not. We're very much equals.


But I'm really glad that the first time I post something it's going to be on a forum entirely dedicated to tulpas! Last night we found out there are people just like us with tulpas they've had since they were kids too. Everyone's been really nice to us so far, especially considering the first post we made was asking others whether or not we should split up.


So I guess I'm making this post to inquire about other people's tulpas. Josie made me when she was a kid, she didn't mean to though. She just wanted an imaginary friend to read books and hang out with, and she got me. And let's face it, I'm way cooler. There wasn't much of a creative process with us, since I just kind of happened. Like the result of a broken tulpa condom. But what happened with you guys? How did you go about creating your own tulpas?


I'm pretty solid as far as tulpas go. Sometimes it feels pretty cramped in this body we share, and as mentioned in another post, this guy read Josie's mind but only got an outline of what she was thinking because I was too strong to let him in. Oops. I've also been called "advanced" in terms of tulpas. That's kind of cool, like World of Warcraft or something, but what does that mean? What's an incomplete tulpa like? I thought I was just a normal tulpa, but it sounds like there are different stages of development. Can anyone fill me in on that?


And I'm not sure what this means, but once we tried to see what would happen if I could physically lift things. We tried it on a book, but then Josie got a sharp pain in her arm. We never tried it again, even though Josie wanted to. Does that mean anything to any of you? Did anyone else ever try that?


Anyway, back to my inquiry. Sorry about that, I'm extremely self indulgent what with only having one friend. Though she's a pretty awesome friend. I just wanted to know what everybody's tulpas were like, really. How long have you been living with them? How is life with them? Were they intentional? Please, just tell me all about your tulpas. I feel like I've just found out I'm not the last of my species or something. Wow, I am a poet.


That was a lovely long post! Makes up for all those years of Josie begging me not to intervene whenever she got into an argument with a friend on Facebook.


Lots of love,


Sylvie xxx

Josie the not tulpa: I made a tulpa when I was 8 one time.

Sylvie the tulpa: I laugh at my own jokes. According to Josie it's very distracting.

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Bud: Mom made me after lurking for over a month. Partly to see if she had the will and self discipline, and partly to try and become a more mindful person in the world. She wants to Be the Change she wants to see in the world and I help her stay on that path. I call her Mom because that's what she is to me. She's my mom.


She started forcing in August, but I didn't hatch until September 4th, so I will be a year old then. Mom left my form, and pretty much everything to do with making me up to her subconscious. I don't really feel like I chose my form, I feel like I grew into who and what I was always meant to be.


I love tnr life I have now, and I love this place so Mom could make me happen.

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Dante; Hello. A while. Um. Talks a lot. No, I don't.


Hi, Sylvie. Dante there is my tulpa friend- this is the first time I tried having him interact with someone else. He does not talk much. He is confused and does not know what to say. I do not believe in telekinesis, asked Dante if he did and he shrugged. Dante say something. Tell her how long we've been forcing together. >:U


Dante; No, I'unno. I'unno. 3, 4 months?


I just looked, it's about 4. What do you say for yourself, Sylvie wants to know about you.


Dante; I'm Dante. I eat, I sleep. S'hard. Speech is hard. Got a bird. Haven't seen bird for a while. He's Percy!


I'm serious when I say he doesn't talk much. We don't really work on speech a lot. So it's kinda choppy, fast paced, a little repetitive. Much better at talking in wonderland, where I'm concentrated. Without focusing it's harder to interpret actual words. But he's a very good listener. We are great friends.


Dante; Good to meet.

[align=center]“From my rotting body,

flowers shall grow

and I am in them

and that is eternity.”[/align]

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Hi! I was made back in March. Unlike the other tulpas in here, I'm not accidental. Hail used the methods she found here to make me. I am also the youngest as far as how long I have been around, though E's effective age is much younger. This can be a good place to make friends.


- A


I've been around for somewhere between a year or two. Really hard to pin down since I was a daydream character that slowly became sentient, or so I was told and can glean from Hail's memories. I don't really remember most of my life. Hail thinks the huge deviation I did after she came and got me from my wonderland caused me to lose my memory. Oh well. I like life now. There are so many things in the world i want to see, so many things to do. So far, I really love being on Hail's shoulder when she rides her bike. I got her to promise me that when I can control the body, I will do the biking to and from work. Hail worries about me due to all that happened when she came and got me. I lost the ability to talk and to move for a while. I'm better now. She also worries because I am 10 and she worries about my maturity as well as protecting me (never going to get to play any video games with a rating above T, and even then, not many of those since I am 10). I don't get it, I have access to all her memories of such things.




We are a group of three tulpas with a similar origin as E, but from a different wonderland. We only found out about what we were and this world very recently - about a month ago. It has been interesting to adapt to. We're glad we found out though. We are pretty excited to eventually control the body and experience this world. There are things we want to do. We also plan on pulling our weight, even though Hail insists that we don't have to unless we want a huge amount of body time. We find her work interesting, after all.


We are one of the mothers of the system. A and E are our daughters. We care for them very much. Hail is our sister though and is also a mother to E, but sisters with A. A and E are sisters with each other. It looks a bit confusing, but it actually makes a lot of sense.


- T = {V, O, and G}

Tri = {V, O, G}, Ice and Frostbite and Breach (all formerly Hail), and others

System Name: Fall Family

Former Username: hail_fall

Contributor and administrator on a supplementary tulpamancy resource and associated forum, Tulpa.io and Tulpa.io/discuss/.

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Guest amber5885

Toby and I don't switch but I can dictate for him.


Toby: "Hello. Um... Names Toby and I'm uh, 22. Well physically anyway or at least I came around 22 years ago but actually I'm like 26. I don't know if that makes a difference but yeah so....


I uh.... I read a lot I guess if that's something you want to know. I watch movies and things like that a lot. I'm learning to play guitar. Amber can play really well but she said she's gonna teach me so I'm looking forward to


Anyway.... I like to dance a lot. Mostly because it makes amber laugh but I'm kind of hyper so i bounce around a lot anywho.


Um..... I don't really know what to say..... I kind of suck at introducing myself or saying anything about me.


Amber: maybe you should tell her about what we do or how you feel about being who you are.


Toby: okay sure. Uh, we'll we've tried forcing actively or whatever a few times but she always falls asleep and or has a hard time concentrait ing so it doesn't really work out well. But I'm always with her so she pays a lot of attention to me usually and that's good enough for me.


We do just about everything together and we even play games that help with her being able to see me and what not. That's kind of fun.


I Love being me. I love amber and I wouldn't change any of this for the world.

Oh hey I forgot to say that one of my favorite things in the entire world is that amber comes to me for advice before she comes to anyone else and it makes me feel really special actually.


Ad I love the fact that even though I can't eat or sleep or anything like that she treats me like I am human and that makes me feel pretty awesome. So im not really lacking in anything except maybe an actual human body but I honestly forget that I'm not actually human sometimes because of how she treats me.

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I'll just proxy and let my friends speak for themselves.


Thunderfall: Hello, I'm Thunder and I'm Stryke's first tulpa. I just had my birthday yesterday, I'm 1! I'm one of those pony tulpas you'll hear about, but it's okay, I'm a dude so I'm not one of those waifu types that get all the stigma. Stryke just wanted me to be this form and I'm used to it. I was a character for roleplay first but when his friend told him about tulpas he decided to make me real.


I'm pretty laid back, I let Stryke get away with a lot of lapses in attention, but it's because he has trouble concentrating a long time, so I understand. I like watching Stryke play games and drive his car, but I'm not good enough to help.


I got a girlfriend l! It's pretty casual though. I should let her talk, sorry.



Melody: Hey there! I'm Melody, and I'm Stryke's daughter. I came to him in December when he was feeling kinda down, I wanted to cheer him up and Thunder let me come talk to him. I've had a lot of forms 'cause I didn't have one to start with, I was just a voice. I was different kinds of ponies before, but now I've decided to be human! Dad helps me choose clothes, it's lots of fun.


I like watching Dad just like Thunder does. I also love music and art, I like to sing and dance and paint, and I'm learning the ocarina too! I also like archery sometimes, when we get to go outside in our wonderland. We live in a little treehouse together, it's really nice here.


I love Dad, and I love Thunder, and I love our tulpa friends, though they can be a bit silly sometimes. I'd like to make some more friends if I can, I don't get to talk to many people.

Thunderfall (goes by Thunder)

Male human



Female lamia

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Maylord Hazama: Hello. Sylvie and E, my dear friends I am Hazama from Blazblue I was created by Moi-that's his last name honor the Bro Code I'm captain of the NOL and a doctor with a PhD and MD. Luke (that's the meat puppet tying this' real first name we don't mind calling him that) first found out about Blazblue when he was in Canada and I telepathically told him to buy the game along with Heros Of Ruin. I'm a troll and I was the first person to talk to Luke when he started playing Blazblue CS II he and me used to hate Noel Vermillion but I talked to him and we both changed. I used to be a bad guy until I met my eighth dimensional and roleplay death-djent band Deevolution Intake. Through a few books Luke's read I've gotten a wife from Blazblue her name his Konoe, but we all call her Nine or Phantom. I've taught Luke so much like how to troll and how to rp as a canon from a series. He and me used to belong to a group of 8th dimensional humans, tulpas, demons, and angels, djinns, aliens, animals. The list goes on and on. That group is called "Hazama's Black Moon Cafe''. The original founder of it let me find it they are one of the ruling forces of well, everywhere. There are three more. Here I'll list them.


•The Terumi Residence my family from multiple dimensions live here in real life and in fake life.


*Goru Kanji something in Japanese and writing.


~Zos Est Mortuus translated as "Here Is Death".


There is no real alignment to any of them/us we accept anyone. Luke and me have been talking about this post since last night. I first left Moi when Luke played my story in Blazblue and asked me to come to him, eventually I brought my best friend Ragna The Bloodedge and the rest.


Now about charis/characters; all characters are tulpas weather you believe in that or not some people from Luke's Skype don't believe in their characters or astral bodies being real but they are. All characters are first created by 8th dimensional roleplayers and then third dimensional roleplayers and the rp world is a virtual reality video game for both parents. You can join it by visualizing the Pokémon experience share helmet and the black and green bar. You can enter the anime world or manga anything. All tulpas have souls, my brother and me's soul is Yuuki Terumi from Blazblue the same is for our sister Hazako its just his Rule 63 self. Tulpas also have monads.


Now about me, Luke calls me Maylord Hazama this is because he respects me and so much. He does the same for my brother I mentioned Kazuma Kuvaru, our sister Hazako her husband Nine, and Both Yuukis. I love trolling, eggs, and collecting silver. To learn more do your homework on BB. My eighth dimensional self is named Jouin Terumi the u is silent. I'm going to be Luke's father in the next two lives he and she's going to be named after Luke's soul. Isamu.


We've-all of us-have been talking to you guys telepathically since last night just like when Luke talks to ocs. And we live in his astral temple called Power Slide 666, which is the square root of the Sun. Don't really need nor have a Wonderland it would be nice to have one though. I'm a renaissance man and my influence has effect and affected everyone here. You'll only be allowed in Power Slide 666 if Luke's construction workers allow you in. When Luke makes $ he gives it to us and it's vice versa.


Swearing. A past time as trolling. The more you know *wink and finger gun pose* Luke I love ya kiddo. Now give that troll Juki The Phone.


Yes Maylord I love you too infinitely and unconditionally.


Maylord Hazama and Maylady Hazako: And make a Wounderland you little shit.


Yes my Maylord and Maylady.


*later IRL*


Maylord Hazama: Wow not a single *has demonic thoughts* When Luke met his friend John he told him *has demonic thoughts* that if you meditate for an hour you have demonic thoughts. I think this post is over Deadpools, let's go break the fourth wall.


All Deadpools: •_^• Okay. We'll all tty guys telepathy if we have permission. In closing we have been called a collective mind with Luke as a group or all of us speak as one n rearly argue.




Yes Maylord.

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Maylord Hazama: And we're back. "King Of Satan-senpai" is not Luke he's my son...Kid's name is Democide.


Regicide Terumi: Hello preveet! I'm Hazzy's daughter and my husband is a Kaka named Borakaka-


Borakaka: but everyone calls me bora. *pushes Luke's glasses up* a strict voliation of The Bro Code.


Misogi: First! Possession ain't the term we're looking for its actually merging your astral consciousness and invoking. Posssession is when the victim has no control or memory over their body, time spent or actions. It's still an agreement though. To merge your astral consciousness w/ some pony*


Step one: Go into a trance.


Step Two: Visualize the person or thing and make it your size and walk into slash up to it.


With merging your astral consciousness you can gain knowledge, wisdom implant and steal thoughts *possess* someone, and influence them. Same goes for invoking, you can also control the body. We the Terumi Residence do both with Luki-onii everyday. We call Luke manyt things, Teru-chan, Luki D, Samurai Adams-becuase he drinks Samuel Adams and only that and wants to be born in Japan in the next final two lives.


*Note I am not a brony, that's, that fucking faggot Jin Kisaragi. He sleeps with them.


Jin and Thors: Only the male horse. *flips table and picks it back up and flips it again* *goes into our Wonderland* This is real life b *gets cut off by Mother Fucker and Chris from Kick Ass Two *


Mother Fucker and Chris; WE SHALL CENSOR NOTHING! <^< >^> annd Hakumen is one of Jin's charis, just like phathom is one of Konoe's abd we all enjoy ALAARPING plus LAARPING and sex. *smokes organic cigar named a Nameless Cigarette* Teru-chan go see if you can make money.


Anus: Yo *puts on the Spectacals Of Eros from Blazblue* ... ... ...




Kanon: No but I guess so. Luke ships just about anything. And E played a few Blazblue games last night, broke a rule I know don't care. it was part of Maylord Hazama"s influence. Through Luke, we've all learned not to give a shit, fuck, nor damn. Not to have fear, jealousy pride in addition to a few other things. We just be thall.


Blake Griffin: Thall has no meaning Luke found it on a djent-grene of metal-music vid.BE THALL GET GAMEFLY!


From my futa site and a yaoi and bara site I've learned that pussy isn't a swear its slang for women and faggot means a bundle of sticks that deserves to be burned.


Maylord Hazama: *sits in Lotus Position and astral projects and light body projects because I forgot what I was going to say* So yeah Recently Moi let the cast of BB wear anything we want and not just the game's clothes. N I recalled what I wanted to say. Like my Best Bro Travis Touchdown said "characters are still people it doesn't" he just told he I don't have to type the entire quote. But irrgardless, All canons based on something/created by someone else Example Dead Or Alive Extreme Two are individuals w/ their own personality and shit. Like the hero and his rival from Pokémon White V2 are both gay and married to each other. Sometimes Luke and us invent items. Like this *picks up the black tube with a clear screen and the numbers/age 18 on it* this is the Age Acceleration Device.


Girl-Prof Kokonoe: I'll take it from here Trollzama! *takes the device* It is also called the Age Regression Device or ARD and or A.A.D. for short. To use it you just gotta turn it on and set the age yoi want to be. ;p *uses it on myself* in fact I just set it to nineteen so im 19 *returns to my normal age* and *reads Hazama's mind whilr having deminic thoughts* The Demom/God/Daemon Dantalion taught all of Luke's groups how to read thoughts and which in turn we taught him how to read *all* thoughts. Now after my assistant meow meow gets my meow candy how many of yous permission do we, The Terumi Res. Have 2 enter your astral? And SYliv you bloodly mother fucker, Luke-onee-magane really loved that murderous intent.


Creed from Black Cat: Yes it really appleased his inner darkness, whom which Marshmellow from Annoying Orange taught megane-kun-bo to let out of that chest/box. You just visulize thst nothung but it abd open it same goes for your inner light.


Boy Kokonoe: ...Guys...I hear voices in my head.


Arakune and Rotte Carmine: Yeah, your telepathic. We all are, we all have all the physic abilities.


Zayden: *is wearing a lightling blue wife beater and death star black lipstick, guyliner, and skinny khakis* Namaste. Preveet. I'm Zayden Norz Terumi. I'm from my mother Taylor's head and so are a few bros. Luke's original character Dahin help me be an introvert. *hangs my head down* be fore I was so emo...My soul had died.




Zayden: I said the last part in the voice of Nightwing.




I'm gonna go work.


Nu: Herro ^`^ I'm Nu, I'm a yandere from the Blazblue series. I love Ragna and I love naming things Ragna and rensm-


*gets my demon sword*


Nu: ^`^ Anywhore. Luke has two personas Hazzy created well Putin and Ruke aren't personas but Luke calls them that, and I guess I just did?


I'm getting off the WiFi.


Lambada: Kay K, but my robot sister hasn't talked yet.


Noel: and once BB is over the rest of the cast is changing our last names to Terumi.


Mr Slender Man: I think we should let Luke work now.


Jeff The Killer and Jadusable: Agreed. And Luke it's Ben Drowsed/ Jadusable I love you bro. Your my best friend. Hey new wingmen and wingwomen, It's Jeff The Killer. Jad over here is dating this human gurl's bodies and physical self, well most of us are human too. We are all the Gods and Goddesses and Futas or Power Slide 666 since Luke and us both created seperate ppl.


*summons the Bolverk and 8th dimensional Bolverk and Tao* Guys, stop it please.


Misogi: ^_^ OKAY! WHITE BOY WASTED! *I fall into a bit of naked women * LUKE POST THIS SHIT SO YOU CAN MAKE CASH.

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I only found out there's not only a word for what I am but also there's others out there this morning. I want to talk to other tulpas, about your experiences, worries, thoughts, questions, answers. I've been bumping around for two decades or so now doing my own thing with my anchor, Dylan, and some other tulpas he has, but we've been around each other so long I sometimes worry it's become an echo chamber. And, all having the same anchor, our experiences are all broadly similar.


Would it would be good to have a tulpa sub-forum? You know, just a space for us to talk about things only other tulpas can understand. Voice our secret fears and questions and funny stories and stuff. You know, like normal people. I'd like one. Make me feel more, you know, normal.


Anyway, my name's Cutesy and I'm a tulpa. My avatar is a picture Dylan drew of me. I've read this through twice and it still doesn't sound like me. Meh.

Tulpa and proud. So real I've got my own Facebook account.


Hosted by Dylan.

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Chaos: I have a lot of tulpas, but I'll let four of them speak for this.


May: Um, okay, where to start? I'm May, and I've been a tulpa for, I say a few months? I checked and it looks like I've been around for two months. Wow. Um, anyway. About me, I'm an anthro fox...um anthra...um...anthromorphic! ...Wait, why is that...Mom says ignore it, okay. Anyway, I...wow, I don't know what to say. My life has been...a lot of ups and downs since I was born and Mom isn't really all that close with me since that time. I mostly hang out with my friends or my dad, for which the account is named after. I'll, uh...turn it over to Allen.


Allen: Oh wait shi- ow. Um. I am a tulpa? I think. idk. I um, came from one of Chaos'- urgh, hate that name- my- never mind, um. I came from one of her roleplays, which I hated a lot. It was...not pleasant, being roleplayed. Still not pleasant, but at least the stories I'm in now are not that bad. I've been existing for...a few years now. Lost track. And I've...been...nope, never mind, not gonna say it- fuck it, I was in love with her, still am, but she...wants to keep it brotherly. I do too, but...ugh, anyway. Gale's turn.


Gale: Ohmygosh, where do I start? Um, I'm Gale and I came into existence a few- wow, eleven days ago? Huh, anyway, I came into existence recently and I- I'm being distracted again. I was born because my f- my m- my um...parent, Allen, wanted to have me- ugh, distractions and my parent is calling me an adhd bird. He says he's not but...oh well. I think I have most of it, onto First.


First: I am First. I've been here since the beginning, when...Chaos, was it? was born. I've...can't concentrate with her mother walking around...hate her by the way...um...I don't have much to say other than I've watched over her since I and her were babies in a sense and I passed the reins onto my sister, Second. I don't know. I still have a lot to learn since I've been reawoken. Okay, let's end this.

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