Ways to communicate with your tulpa before it can speak?

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Gesturing. Sign language. Maybe even "telepathy?" Idk. I don't imagine it would be a deep conversation until you got more practice in though with hearing their mind voice, if you tried having them speak with their mind rather than mouth.

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Before Elise was vocal, she would communicate with us primarily through drawings. It may be something to try if you're a novice forcer and can't read your tulpa's intent yet.

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Bud and I used a lot of raw thought in the beginning. I don't really know what else to call it. We would both just think to each other and get it. Never in full sentences, or even full words. It's hard to explain. He or I, mostly he, would send an emotion, or flash of picture, or a word, and the other seemed to instantly know what the sender was saying. We could, and still do, have entire conversations in mere seconds.

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me and red talk to eachother with telepathy, or he changes forms to indicate what he wants to do or what he wants, he's not talking at the moment but when he tells me things with telepathy i see a text box like in a rpg with what he wants to tell me, sometimes i'll see his face next to the box with his current emotion, despite him being a genderless meowstic he's pretty cheerful and playful. just don't excite him...









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