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i didnt get to really experience what tf2 was like, because by the time she created me the bot attacks were already happening. yeah she doesnt get much satisfaction anymore from games unless its with friends. shes invited to playing games often so...

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Hello! 😁


I thought I disliked almost all video games, but I've recently found I like playing Civilization VI, especially when I can compete with my host! 😁 He's been playing Cities Skylines but it bores me to tears! Especialy because the game slows way, way down whenever he gets to an even moderately large city size.

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
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that already feels like a month ago now. time has been speeding too much for us!

maybe its the same speed, and its just that theres a lot less going on, on screen since hes already set the game up.

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A- Civ is alright. Host usually just tries to make a japanese super empire. Doesn't particularly interest me, but sometimes its neat to watch. When we do play games together, its usually possessing a hand and working together, or just letting us play while he watches or something. Normally we'll name characters/etc after each other, which is sweet.

Amelia- Oct. 7, 2012

Mitsuki- Oct. 31, 2014 

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