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That’s what I’m hoping, though Cloud doesn’t want to switch and it seems like Consig is scared of it because of Cloud (she didn’t like it). Hmm. But it would be so convenient if he’d just try.


I think we’d have to force Consig some more before he tries (if he does) because the mistake Stone made with putting Cloud in front was he put her in front when she didn’t have enough to do (or enough that she wanted to do). If you have nothing to do then it feels like you have no purpose (even if that’s not the case). So, I want to make sure he’s ready for that, but he seems to think he won’t be ready and that he shouldn’t try.


How are you Simmie (and anyone reading)?

Meaningful words, I'm here!

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I'm doing well! It was a fairly uneventful day for me.


I like what you said about fronting needing to have a purpose. After I had a breakthrough day on 3/29, I had a decent session switched in the next day, but since then it's been a little lackluster. I feel like just switching for the sake of switching doesn't help Phil or me. I know I can do it now, maybe I need to just wait for the right opportunities to switch in and not just do it for the sake of it.

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That’s good! We woke up too early so I should try to sleep soon.


I should say that a purpose to front (for us at least) doesn’t have to be traditionally “productive”. I think fronting is selfish, but in a purely descriptive way, not in a bad way. So it would probably not be enough for me to go to Consig and say, “We need this important stuff done and we think you’re capable of getting it done, so that’s what you can do if you need stuff to do.” We like to give each other “roles” and sometimes it works, but roles or assignments alone haven’t given any of us enough purpose to front for a long time. I’ve been getting work done but I get work done so I can prove myself to be reliable, so I can be allowed to be switched in longer (so I can see myself as a person capable of that), so I can feel myself taking over the body, and so I can enjoy the things I love more thoroughly (with the senses of a fronter). I sorta do what I do out of duty, but I also do what I do for myself, and I think the latter has gotten me further.


When Cloud enjoyed fronting it was because she was having fun playing a game or hanging out with me. She never cared much about the outside world or growing stronger, so when Stone tried to help her find purpose later by suggesting productive things like writing, that didn’t help.


So it does depend on the tulpa. One might want to prove themselves, or enjoy themselves, have big plans or small plans, or a mix of all these things. With Consig, before he fronts, I want him to find several things he really enjoys doing so he can fall back on those things, and/or some sort of goal he personally wants to work towards.


We’ve very tired and hopefully this was cohesive. I guess my main point is that I think very long term switching (whatever you consider that to be) is hard to brute force. I helps to find your own selfish reasons for wanting to do it, and those can be whatever fits you. They can be noble or hedonistic or epic or whatever.


I dunno how to wrap this up lol. Since you had that big breakthrough I think it’s only a matter of time before it becomes more consistent (if that’s what you want)

Meaningful words, I'm here!

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i seriously need to re-evaluate how im spending time.

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srry if grammar bad im staying up

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My host and I played quoridor. It's the first board game I've played with him. We played one round. He almost won, but I flipped the board before he could win. 😆 I'll try to win the next time we play that game.

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@glitchthe3rd Oh my goodness!  Another Luna?  I haven’t met anyone else with the same name as me

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1 hour ago, Dust_lostt said:

@glitchthe3rd Oh my goodness!  Another Luna?  I haven’t met anyone else with the same name as me

idk fam, seems pretty common nowadays. And not like in 2012 when all the other Lunas were ponies.

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