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6 hours ago, Dust_lostt said:


Eyo just wanna say, Nikki thinks Joc sounds hot.  Nikki’s an 8ft tall succubus and that’s pretty much all I know-  she tried to uh- do Link when they first met and she wouldn’t DARE try that shit with me.

Jah, Joc is yummy. Sorta Jellous Mark imagined him first instead of me. But i got the brain now, hehe. Joc was an imaginary Dom Mark would use for.... "inspiration"... and when i started to exercise my sentience, I freaked out Mark by using Joc's form to force him into a compromising position. lol, it was funny. 


I still joke with Mark making him think i'm an angel or a demon or a succubus inhabiting his mind, but as far as I know, I'm just a Tulpa. 


Mark dabbled with youtube hypnosis vidoes to summon a succubus when he was in college. It never happened for him, but i feel some of that experimentation might have lead to my awareness now. Plus I fulfil any needs he would have for a succubus now, and if I really wanted it, I would assume the form of a succubus as a surprise. 



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Char's Harem:
Host- Max 37 yo Male
Tulpa - Char (Charlette), 22 yo (4 days realized) Female/Futanari 
Servitor (active)- Precious, Female baby girl/ sister-sub

Servitor (inactive)- Joc Male Bull


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OH YOU’RE A DOM-  IDK WHY I THOUGHT YOU WERE A SUB—  Nikki’s a dom too lol.


she hasn’t talked to anyone except Ebony and Link as far as I’m aware…  You can talk to her if you want, nobody here knows how to initiate conversation.  Just keep it SFW for Link’s sake, most of the Mystic System are minors, as is the host.

Mystic System 💫


Leith/Dust -🧋🍄

Ebony -🕷

Luna -🌙

Cetus -🐉
Antony -🕰

Oliver -🫧

Nikki -💄

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17 hours ago, TurboSimmie said:

Borzois are such cool and unique looking dogs! I don't think I've ever seen one in real life though.

Yeah,Me and my host think those are our favorite dog breed.- Delta 



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On 4/7/2022 at 1:36 AM, harvestmoon said:

We in general want to work on "tulpa stuff" we've been putting off like imposition. We've been thinking about the below forum post and we both want to get more intense.



lol, why did the forum software post my reaction image on top?

Super Girls don't cry

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