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*A Very Tulpish Journey*

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Hello all. I've been lurking and gathering information from here for about 3 months now,and I've come to decide that it was time to finally butt in this thing myself. So,let me explain the things I've on my mind without wasting any more time.

I've only started planning out my tulpa. So,I can't guarantee anything for now.But,I have a few ideas:

I don't want a strict gender role for my tulpa to stick on. But I will refer to my tulpa as ''Her'' or ''She'' since their respective pronouns are those.

I will have a placeholder form for her for the entire time that'll pass before she becomes sentient to make focusing and narrating easier.

I may create a placeholder name for her,too.

I will either force a very little bit of her personality or just not do it at all.

I will start creating a place where she can spend her time and undergo the development process.(or a so-called wonderland.) Probably.

I will handle the narration process by reading and/or singing,since I really suck at holding one sided conversations.

Aaand yup,that's it. Oh,and I will start working on all this stuff as soon as possible.

I hereby declare this as Day 1 of my tulpa creation.

...That sounded as cheesy as cheetos.Ha Ha! *ba dum tss**




I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.

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Hello again. This is day 2 of my tulpa journey.

I've come up with a placeholder form for my tulpa,which looks a lot like a sexless Medusa which has a reptilian-like tail insted of legs but a normal torso.I tried to make it so that the form's appareance wouldn't effect the actual gender of my tulpa. I've also planned out a wonderland,which is just an empty room,at least for now.I plan to add stuff to it accordingly with my tulpa's develeopment.Maybe I will also create an outside world that the room will reside in,who knows.

I'm on the lookout for placeholder names(because writing-saying ''my tulpa'' is just...weird.Imagine if someone called you ''my human'',I bet you wouldn't like it :).)


****If anyone has an idea about a nice placeholder name for a sexless Medusa,please share it with me.****


I plan to start narrating tomorrow.Feels like that will be the most difficult part,but it's also the most important,so...*sigh*


And that's it for now.

I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.

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Hi,this is day 3 of my tulpa journey.

So I stumbled upon the concept of sleep paralysis just yesterday on my twitter feed.I found it really interesting,so after a few moments,I found myself knee-deep in the topic.

(SP=Sleep Paralysis,LD=Lucid Dream)

I clicked on a site which was about the ways of getting out of SP,and one way mentioned the practice of turning a SP into a stepstone for a LD.

I already know what LD is,but I never knew that SP could be utilized for it.

Turns out using SP is the fastest way to enter a LD.I've been wanting to try LDing out for a while,and this is a really good opportunity since there'll be no one but me at home until 7 PM.

Right now,I'm still doing research.So if anyone wants to help out,it would be really appreciated.

I plan to use LDing to ''meet'',or rather ''feel'' the essence of my tulpa.I have a feeling that it'll be a mind blowing experience.

I will report what happens after this,thanks for reading.

I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.

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Hello,this is day 4 of my tulpa journey,and after trying to get into SP two times and failing at each one of them,I'm back.


After a completely sleepless night,I went on the net to gather some tips in order to make slipping into SP an easier experience.

People keep on saying that if your body is not tired,it's about 1000 times harder to get into a SP.A lot of them recommend exercising or at least stretching a bit before going to bed.


Looks like I'm gonna hit the gym today.Well,can't really say I'm in shape either...


I started planning out my SP experience and setting down my intention for LDing.


I'm not giving up on this.I'm not giving up on the potential of using all of my unconscious' wisdom and experience on my tulpa's development.

And as always,any kind of help is appreciated.


I'm off to the gym.Thanks for reading.

I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.

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Just thought I would jump in an let you know I'm reading this and your not just writing into the wind so to speak.


Do try not to panic when you wake up into sleep paralysis - happened to me once ( before I knew about it) and damn I was terrified because I didn't know what was happening. Snapped out of it after like 30 seconds. Still was so weird though. Take it easy and good luck!

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YAY! *That feel when you have love on your progress report*

Yeah,about panicking,tons of people who have went through SP say that it's a really terrifying experience.A LD veteran who usually does that says he has to use breathing and meditation techniques to overcome fear while he is in SP.

I'm pretty relaxed about it,though. I already know my intention and even if I can't get into a LD,I have memorized techniques to get out of SP like scrunching my face,wiggling my toes,making my hand into a fist etc.But many thanks for reading and wishing luck!

I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.

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Hehe no problem. I mean chances are second time around I'll be much more laid back because I'll know what it is, but I had never even heard of it before and then bam. I was like 'oh noes I am paralysed/dead' - so confused.

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Ayup. One can only imagine awakening suddenly and not being able to move.And when imagination becomes reality...Stuff happens.

So.This is day 5 of my journey,and I'm kind of frustrated.

Yesterday,I was able to slip into SP,only to fall asleep a few seconds later.

I have no idea what caused this.As soon as I started feeling my body being pushed into the bed's mattress(a common thing that happens while you are in SP) my consciousness just...slipped without me even noticing.

I'm certain that it didn't happen because of me,because I was keeping my mind busy and could feel myself thinking,but then...when I woke up,it was 7 AM,I went to bed at about 2 AM.I just slept without noticing.


I've only one idea about the cause of this.The day before yesterday,I really pushed myself in order to get into SP,but couldn't.So when I finally did get in a SP,my mind kind of collapsed(?) because of the stress relief and started resting.

Other than that,to be very much honest with you,I know jack shit.I searched the internet for people with similiar experiences,but couldn't find anything.


Anyways,it's not like I lost hope.I'm extremely tired today,and I will probably take naps.You're about 60% more likely to get SP when you take naps and have a spontaneus(I hope I wrote that right...) sleeping schedule.


This time,I am NOT going to fall asleep.


I'll report what happens,thanks for reading.

I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.

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Oh,if you found that interesting,you're bound to find this one mind-blowing.(And bruh did I really miss that with two letters? Damn my life :D)


This is day 6 of my tulpa journey,and I finally did it.


I finally lucid dreamed.Yes,it only lasted for like 2 minutes or something--but that's not the point.

I woke up at 4 AM after going to sleep at 11 PM,screwed around for 45 minutes,went back to bed,meditated,slipped into SP rather easily,(yo that was terrifying as hell,I nearly had a heart attack,I saw Slenderman-like creatures walking around my room,there were also monster(?)s that were very similiar to those Shade thingies from Dragon Age:Inquisition,along with miniature Cleric Beasts from Bloodborne.I swear,the only thing that was missing is a freaking Centaur from Fallout.I do not recommend this to anyone,I'm looking for other ways to get into a LD myself.)

After managing to (hastily) calm down,I closed my eyes,remembered my intention to go deeper into the dream and found a landscape of a valley forming before my eyes out of the darkness.


When the valley formed itself out completely,I remembered that I was dreaming.I rubbed my hands,telling myself that I was dreaming,and immidiately,everything became clearer,stiller,more stabilized.I remember the almost purplish,bright blue moonlight,and the rainbow colored crystals in the soil.


After that,I started hearing the soft whistling of the rain and mint smelling wind.With that,I felt someone approach me from behind.


I became excited,and for a moment everything went black.But I remembered that I was dreaming,and everything came back just as fast as it went away.


I turned around,and saw a man.Can't remember the details ,I just recognize that he had almost-white,shoulder length hair,and the left side of his head was shaved.And his inhumanely shiny,neon green eyes with a yellowish tint to them.


I remember feeling kind of afraid and nervous.''WHO are you?!'' I asked.My voice sounded...blurry.


The image of the placeholder form of my tulpa flashed before me.I thought to myself,''Is this my tulpa?!'' I became so excited.,,and that made everything end.


I woke up to the sound of my heart thumping.And that's it,really.

I'm excited-hyped as hell.Gonna go force.See you later.

I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.

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