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PMs-open List
As opposed to unlimited... Until there is something more formal, let's run with Apollo's idea. This is a place to chime in if you want to help or mentor. If you post that you are open, expect someone might message you. If you don't have an answer, don't blow it off. Say you don't know. Re-direct to people that helped you, if you think that person is open. Be discreet, private message should be considered sacred. No gossip, no ridicule... treat all questions, even question you may consider not serious, as sacred. There are no dumb questions.

People with questions: Remember, we're all just humans. There could be delays in responses. There could be a range in responses, from snarky to agreeably understanding. Keep all interaction contained to to maintain your anonymity.

Do we need specific guidelines? Let's work them out together.

An idea, chime in once if you're open, and if you change your mind, just edit 'temporarily out of service...' or away on vacation.

Bliss and I are always open if you have a question. If there is a delay, I am either at work or practicing parenthood.

Angry Bear & Co
Ember & Vesper
Solarchariot & Bliss

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I think this should be a list for the Lounge, and along with tulpa-related questions, people should also specify stuff like if they have PMs open for chatting/making friends, maybe even emotional support if needed. Kinda like a hybrid between "mentoring" and a pen pal system. A guideline should be to be courteous of the person you're messaging, because they won't be available at all times. Should also put a stipulation in the thread that the users should check the "Last Active" date before messaging. 
I'm Indigo Blue, the "Sky Dragon" of the Felight family. I'm a tulpa born October 2017. My systemmates are Radio, Apollo, & Piano. Form images: 1 2
Moved to Lounge based Indigo's recommendation... I notified myself of transaction. Smile
I think this thread is supposed to be where a system like mine can offer assistance in tulpamancy and other. So...

Bear or B: friendly, passionate and helpful. Open mind for meta and beyond. Scientifically grounded but not limited. Open to discussion regarding mental health and venting is always welcome.

Dashie: cautious, logical, and stern for the purposes of the following. Offering to accept PMs under the topic of 'host control issues' or anything related to in-system negotiations and control issues or discipline.

Misha: always friendly

Ashley: Stoic, serious, and patient: open to discuss metaphysical interests, parallel processing, and religion.

Give us time to respond, but we will always respond, seeing that yellow banner is like a compulsive itch.
Mentor please! Having some difficulties and would appreciate the help!

An Aspie System
(02-12-2019, 08:55 PM)Dreamer13 Wrote: Mentor please! Having some difficulties and would appreciate the help!

Well team bear is the only one that chimed in, so email one of them directly or me. Smile
Heya, we have 2 years of experience, have written a bunch of guides and stuff. We can help with probably most things besides imposition and switching.. As for casual chatting, Apollo might not be up for that, but I probably would be. Feel free to message either one of us if you have questions/concerns, or just want to chat. If you want to message Apollo, clicked on the "Linked Accounts" under my username to find him.
I'm Indigo Blue, the "Sky Dragon" of the Felight family. I'm a tulpa born October 2017. My systemmates are Radio, Apollo, & Piano. Form images: 1 2
Ember: We're open for further discussion of things we've talked about on the forum and for general friendship, though we don't have a huge amount of time.

Tulpamancy knowledge:

Ember: We can try to provide more specific advice on possession and switching, though most of what we know is in our PR, so you should probably read this post first. I don't think we have the skills to mentor in other technical areas. We can talk to soulbonds about adjusting to this world, about in-system romance, and about time-sharing a body.

Personal interests:

Ember: Tabletop roleplaying games, science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, filk, fandom conventions

I can't call it a current interest, but I'm trans and was for several years a facilitator of trans support groups.

Vesper: Psychology, gothic music & fashion, gothic literature & art, goth & industrial dancing, classic horror, sewing, vampires (especially if not evil), World of Darkness, English food & culture
Ember - Soulbonder, Female, 39 years old, from Georgia, USA . . . . [Our Progress Report] . . . . [How We Switch]
Vesper Dowrin - Insourced Soulbond from London, UK, Not a Tulpa, Female, born 9 Sep 1964, bonded ~12 May 2017
Iris Ravenlock - Insourced Soulbond from the Unseelie Court, Not a Tulpa, Female, born 6 Jun 1982, bonded ~5 Dec 2015

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Throwing my hat in the pile here.

I've had a system of sorts for at least four years. I won't really be able to help much with imposition, possession, or stuff like that. And I probably wouldn't be much help with the whole tulpa creation process.

But if you have questions about doing lewd activities with tulpas, whether it be how to tell when they are ready or what the mechanics of it are, or how to manage said activities in a system with multiple tulpas, I'm your guy. Just keep in mind I might not get back to your PM for a day or so depending on my motivation levels.
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