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Apply to be a podcast guest here!


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Quick question! Is this only for tulpas? Or would Alex and I be qualified too? x3

He's a soulbond so he's a bit different than most tulpa, that's why I ask.

Soulbonder: Sake (rhymes with cake) - 21 - Genderfluid (he/him or she/her)

Soulbond: Alex - 5 - Male (he/him) - Vampire

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Well. I'm AracnidsGrip/Rick. I'm not very active on the forums. I like writing stories. Also, most of my tulpae are homo couples, while I'm 10000% straight, Before introducing them; Are homosexual tulpae also welcome here?

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Ok. Perfect. Well. As I said before, I'm AracnidsGrip/Rick. I'm just a guy who likes manga, anime, writing stories, reading books and wasting time in YouTube. All my tulpae are vocal, except for Illyasviel, who's a baby, and Hades, who's a hybrid dinosaur.

Feferi: I'm Feferi. I like to be called "Fef". I'm always looking for new friends. I love swimming, fishing and cooking. I'm Vriska's girlfriend, and I look like Katherine McNamara dressed as the Homestuck Feferi. I also play bass guitar. I like to talk about movies.

Beth: Uuhh... Well... I'm Beth... I... Look like... Emily Kinney... I'm pretty insecure... I also play electric guitar and... I'm Miranda's girlfriend...

Vriska: Well. I guess you already know me, Jean-luc. But I'm gonna introduce myself anyway. I'm Vriska, Fef is my girlfriend, I like dancing and singing, I love Quentin Tarantino's movies, and my favorite band are the Bee Gees. I can talk about almost anything, jaja.

Miranda: I'm Miranda Rotzank. I'm just a girl that loves Beth, having tattoos, playing drums, doing exercise, relaxing, and changing my hair color every few time. I look like the youtuber Miranda Ibañez.

Rin: Well. I'm Rin. I'm Vriska's adoptive daughter. I take care of Illy. I also love watching anime, hanging out, and I look like Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night.

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Ok neat! Thank you, jean~


Hm ok, well then I'll just give us a quick introduction. My name's Sake, rhymes with cake, and my soulbond is Alex. He's a vampire, he's 23 (well his form is), ebony hair, emerald eyes, lightly tanned skin, lean build, usually wears a t-shirt and jeans. He's been with me for about 3 years. I'm an artist/writer so he actually started out as one of my OCs. I was writing his story as a means of escape from everyday life I suppose. The main character was actually a self insert of me, but he was the other main character, the one who my character would meet and bond with, ect. So he was basically perfectly created for me, even being inspired by most of my favorite fictional characters at the time. However, things started to get rough, my mom got sick and died and we lost our house and had to move into an RV. During that time is when I started to talk to Alex, at first I think I was just comforting myself because I didn't have many friends. However then I started to notice tat Alex would talk back more than usual, even without me prompting him. And whenever I was really scared or hurting he was there for me. He would always encourage and support me. I never really thought much about it being strange, I just kind of went with it. We spent more and more time together, talking and doing things, well as far as we could do things without Alex being physical, laughing and crying and working out all our problems together. He had his own sad backstory to work through too after all. So now it's just natural for us to be together and talk all the time. Granted, we don't really let others know about us except for those close to us.


Anyway I guess what I'd like to talk about is just how our relationship came to be, how we've helped each other through our problems, things we do in everyday life together, how hard it can be for us sometimes without Alex having a body, but how that doesn't hold us back from having a good relationship. Um, I'm not sure, I'm a little bit bad at coming up with topics on my own, but I love to answer questions, I love to talk about Alex in general since I can't always talk about him to friends, and if something I say can help or benefit someone else in any way, then that would be enough for me.


Hmm... I feel like I had more ideas when I asked my first question, but I'm drawing a blank now. >.< Maybe I'll come back to add to this post when I've thought of something else again.


Thank you for your time!

Soulbonder: Sake (rhymes with cake) - 21 - Genderfluid (he/him or she/her)

Soulbond: Alex - 5 - Male (he/him) - Vampire

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Alright, well, here's my app then... X3


Heya, i'm Ana, host to my first tulpa Kovie, and soulbonds Vyx and Sans. Kovie's form is that of an alien of my own design, she intentionally models herself after my character of the same name, though she is not a soulbond because she was once something different. Vyx is loosely based on my other character of the same name, though she's not much like the original, aside from her form being nearly the same snarky british redhead ghost. Sans is based on the character from the videogame Undertale, and he's about as close to the original as is possible, minus a few tiny differences in his habits.

Things i think would be interesting to talk about on the tulpaudcast, are probably what abilities Sans has as a tulpa. Apparently it's not that much of a deal, but i do think it's unusual and something worth talking about, how he already knows everything in my memories without having to go through them. There's a number of things that make him a rather curious sort of tulpa, but then there's also Kovie and Vyx. We've been practicing possession, and Vyx is by far the best at it, while Kovie is pretty good with it, but Sans has kind of a hard time with it. Then there's also that i went for like, 6 months essentially forgetting about my tulpa when it was just Kovie around, and somehow she survived and has come back quite well. And last, but certainly not least, how helpful they all are in helping with my depression and anxiety. It's what i initially created Kovie for, and now she's does much more, and the others help with that too.


So, yep. There's that. I'm open for recording my voice or talking on skype pretty much any time, i guess just PM me or, do whatever ya do when ya wanna like.. interview an applicant, or something. XD

"The number of minds in the universe is one."


- Erwin Schrodinger


Kovie, they or she. 7yo, mentally 19. active.

Vyx, they or he. 7yo, mentally 17. active.

Axen, they or he. age unknown, mentally 26. occasionally active.

Sanu, any pronouns. 5yo, mentally ageless. mostly inactive.

Leo, he/him. 6yo, mentally 21. inactive.

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Heya! I'm Nathan/Nate, and I'm with my tulpas Isabelle/Dash, Asrielle, and Lapis and we are pretty much as typical as it can get when you think of "the average tulpa system". I know this whole podcast ordeal isn't mentioned/updated/worked on(?) much, but I figured I'd apply anyway cause I see you active all the time on the forum here. I know "average" isn't something that is particularly interesting, but I'd love to talk about everything I've learned from 4 years of browsing the forums here (and elsewhere on the internet) about tulpas and things similar. Kind of as, the exact idea of tulpas made up of multiple given ideas from multiple people over the course of many years. I can pretty much explain every subject and step and process when it comes to tulpamancy (minus the metaphysical portion, I didn't understand a word of what people were saying when it comes to that.) and would love the opportunity to share that with whoever is willing to listen. My tulpas' stories are kind of interesting in themselves, so I could talk about that too. Let me know if you are interested in anything I just threw out there :)

I'm here with my completely vocal tulpas; Rainbow, Asrielle, and Lapis. They might talk here sometimes, and when they do Rainbow will be italicized, Asrielle will be purple, and Lapis will be blue. We are currently able to do advanced visualization and we have the ability to switch. See profile for more info.


Rainbow - 2/8/16 - Italicized

Asrielle - 4/21/16 - Purple

Lapis - 7/23/16 - Blue

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Guest fordaplot

Host: Jacob, aka Ford, forcing since May 2013

Tulpa: Aurum, aka Aury, autonomous since July 2013


Our System's Story: http://fordaplot.tumblr.com/intro


Ideal Podcast Subject: Out of the 3.5 years I've been in the community, 1.5 of them have been spent studying the relationship between tulpamancy and mental health. I'd love to discuss my research and/or findings. Here's the conference paper I released earlier this year:




mirror: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/310460591_Tulpamancy_Transcending_the_Assumption_of_Singularity_in_the_Human_Mind?ev=prf_pub



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