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Apply to be a podcast guest here!


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Hey, it seems some people want to be on tulpaudcast. Instead of spamming putting your requests in the tulpaudcast thread, this is a better spot.


Please include in your post:

  • Introduction of yourself and systemmates.
  • What interesting things you'd like to talk about on the podcast.
  • A recording of yourself with audio playing from your computer. Ideally, I should not be able to hear what's playing, or it should be very quiet. Echo is very bad. Also it should be reasonable quality, and the same setup (microphone & computer) as whatever you plan to use for the podcast.
  • Your email address, in case you stop visiting the forums. Otherwise the only way I have to contact you is PM, which you only see if you log in. (optional)


If you wanna keep it super-secret until the potential podcast is released or do not wish to make a tulpa.info account, you can also PM me or email me: podcast AT jean-luc DOT org

Any tulpa-like thing is allowed, including daemons, soulbonds, alters, multiples, or whatever else may exist. Anything tangentially related to these concepts can go on the podcast. Do not be discouraged from posting even if I haven't explicitly mentioned it here; if you wish to be on the podcast then just ask, either here or in a PM. I am open to new ideas!

Stats is back: https://stats.jean-luc.org/
I don't visit as often as I used to. If you want me to see something, make sure to quote a post of mine or ping me @jean-luc

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hello i am MarkF.Murkve also known as mario[misaki|arin] in the irc and reddit tulpas. my systemmates are arin(7 months 5 days old) and misaki(4 months 5 days old). neither of them is vocal yet so im afraid ill be the only one able to talk on the podcast. id like to talk about my book,be asked questions about my past and talk about how society views tulpas and multiples.

"October 1st 2014 8:00pm Central time US, unknowing innocent 4channer Mariothefatplumber known now as tulpamancer31 on these lovely  forums, has just stepped into a world of pure imagination and wonder,something that he maybe should have tried to understand a little bit better before jumping headfirst into, mario has crossed over into the tulpamancing zone, better known as section E,Subsection 14, and division 2 and a third, of the Twilight Zone."

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Guest Anonymous

hello i am MarkF.Murkve also known as mario[misaki|arin] in the irc and reddit tulpas. my systemmates are arin(7 months 5 days old) and misaki(4 months 5 days old). neither of them is vocal yet so im afraid ill be the only one able to talk on the podcast. id like to talk about my book,be asked questions about my past and talk about how society views tulpas and multiples.


Did anyone buy your book?

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Well, I'm IBreakGames, I'm not terribly active in the community, but I'm trying to become more involved. I tried to take an objective view on the creation process after seeing some posts on /x/. I figured this was rather believable since it wasn't something "supernatural", and I was aware of things like DID, so the idea of having a separate personality inside one's head was not far fetched. I created my tulpa Al almost a year ago, and since then we've sort of embarked on a quest to discover the existence of a tulpa and how they exist inside the mind. After listening to the podcasts, I feel like I could give some decent and insightful input on some of the things discussed on the previous podcasts. Al is vocal, but can't switch yet, so chances are there will be a lot of proxying, but I would love to talk to some people (maybe do another group call or something), and Al would like to as well. I don't think I'd be able to give the great conversation like Mistgod did during the first podcast, but I'd more than love to give it a shot.


EDIT: Also, after listening to some of the podcasts, I did end up coming up with a few topics that I'd like to discuss.

Fear and imposition

Trying to impose at young age (something I did personally)

“Presence” vs. Pretend

Potential existence before conception (something about my tulpa)

Perceptions of possession/switching between different people


And this list might extend a little bit as ideas just pop into my head.

I'm IBreakGames, a genuine dude.


We gave up on using different colors for each of us, so there's Al, Ollie, and Eva. We're all rabbits, get over it.

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We are the Z Squad, a median system consisting of three headmates (Zach, Zoe, and Zero), two in-progress Tulpas (Chael and Celeste), and the start of a possible soulbond (Chris). Zoe and Zach are the products of the core personality splitting into two separate beings sometime around middle school (so around ten years ago), Zero walked in about three years ago, I started work on Chael two years ago on the thirteenth of this month (we're still working on vocalization and sentience), and I started working on Celeste a few months ago (working on vocalization and visualization). At this point, although Chael and Celeste aren't vocal, Chael can at least send images and emotions to communicate, and all of my alters can co-front and vocalize, if we need that to happen.


We've been active in the tulpa community off and on (mainly due to me constantly moving for school, and school itself), but I feel like only a handful of tulpamancers were multiples before creating a tulpa, as I have yet to meet any others. I feel like this would be an interesting discussion, considering how there are a lot of similarities between headmates/facets/alters, tulpas, and soulbonds, but they are all so, so different. I'd love to discuss how they are different, what life is like as a multiple and a tulpamancer, and possibly how communication works between the different kinds of beings.


If you're interested, I'd love to be a guest on the podcast - the best way to get a hold of me is PMing me here.

System Name: The Z Squad


Original: Zoe, The Organizer

Gender: Femme Genderqueer, they/them


Headmate: Zach, The Protector

Gender: Male, he/him


Headmate: Zero, The Confidence

Gender: Agender, they/them, he/him


Tulpa: Chael

Gender: Male, he/him

Form: Fallen angel with rabbit features and horns


Tulpa: Celeste

Gender: Female, she/her, they/them

Form: Android

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Hello, nlc11 here. My Tulpa is Resine, he has been a Tulpa for around 6 months, but has been in development for around 2-3 years, which brings me to what I would be interested in talking about. Resine was a sort of 'imaginary friend' who I imagined frequently. After learning about Tulpa, I almost immediately started to develop him as a Tulpa, and he become vocal after about two days or so. My main focus would be on the notion of the difference between a Tulpa and an imaginary friend, and 'upgrading' an imaginary friend to a Tulpa. I'm also quite interested in psychology (although, I have no formal education), and would like to discuss psychological aspects of Tulpa.

I feel a little cheeky to ask since I'm still fairly new, and haven't been as active as I probably should have been, but I would love a chance to be on the Tulpaudcast!

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Hi, cap'n. You know me and my girls, Ves and Crown. We've recently become much more...active? I'm not sure that's the right word for it. It's more like animated- we look less like ships in the night and more like Seinfeld episodes. It's a good feeling.


I'd like to be a part of Tulpaudcast, if you'll have me. I could definitely talk about animation of character and some things I found interesting through some research.

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Yo, it's PotterandPinkFloyd, and I'm hosting Kase and Saoirse. I'm not sure either of them would be able to speak (definitely not Saiorse) and if Kase were to want to say anything it would basically be a rough translation coming from me. I know I haven't been around on this forum for very long but I do have five ish years of experience with tulpas. My first tulpa is no longer with us, of his own decision, but because he began as something entirely his own rather than something I forced from the beginning I would love to discuss unplanned tulpas and how easily a thought form can transition from imaginary friend to tulpa.

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Did anyone buy your book?


The world may never know...


Also you guys this thread has been dead for over 5 months.

Let it rest in peace.

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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