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Bluesleeve's Memories, Pictures etc.


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Since we got an art board, why not post some art?


We have a wall with snapshots in our wonderland. Mostly memorable moments - and I hope to make these memories a part of the real world.


It is highly likely, that I will post other things apart from said "snapshots". Not sure what, but there will be other stuff.


This picture is a memory from 2 days ago.


Alyx asked me if we could play billiards, because the house I made her contained a billiard table. It's a bit difficult to monitor everything through visualization even though we weren't playing by any rules. I recommend playing billiard with your Tulpa, though!

While we were playing, Pronto was in the library and looked through some of my saved knowledge. (She actually enjoys it)

Both have the ability to move things around in the wonderland, that's why there's a floating stick on the left.


And yes, i can't draw humans for shit, I even needed a bit of support at drawing Alyx' form, but it came out better than expected.




What is a Tulpa? Blog

Rainbow 'Alyx' Dash


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Guest applesauce99

Inb4 D'AWW

I'm actually going to try to get better at drawing mainly so I can draw my tupper.

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I originally set the image to a link, but I'm not sure if the image size rule should apply fully to the art board. Also yeah, D'aww.

Orange juice helps with concentration headaches.

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