Let's show our Wonderlands.

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Mine is this, I think it is fairly recognizable:



We also have another place to hang around. This is a picture resembling his country house in England. It's not really like that, but this was the closest I could find: 001.jpg


Imagine this house, a little more ancient looking, settled on a hill in an unkempt garden. There are foggy woods all around. The interior is rather dark and creepy. It’s similar to the manor of the movie Crimson Peak:



His house is in Cornwall. It’s close to the sea, the rocky coast has many tall cliffs and there’s always a strong wind and grey skies. I like Cornwall because it’s where Tintagel Castle is, a place featured in the Arthurian legends.

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

[progress report]



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My wonderland looks like Willow Creek in Sims 4 except the only building there is my house. Theres a little river in front of the house that opens into a big ocean. All other space is just grass, trees, and flowers although there is an empty lot behind the house.




See those two houses on the top left corner? The big house in front is where my house is and the house behind it is where the empty lot is. I'm thinking of using my Sims 4 game just to build a 3d model / map of my wonderland (especially since I've based it on this entire area), because all I ever do in sims is build anyway. And I was thinking of building a library soon, you know, how a lot of other people have already done to let their tulpas read their memories and such.

my PR

my art thread

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White will talk in this color.

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I'm also living in some sort of dystopian wasteland with Eva. Pretty quiet though. Perhaps all these dystopian wonderlands need a lot of NPCs to make them feel more natural. Not gonna lie, things aren't that great with so few entities in a world.


I aspired and I'm gonna change my wonderland to that!

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Jamie has three different main areas in our Mindscape that he spends his time in.


The first, which I call the Planetarium, pretty much has the appearance of outer space/the night sky. It's entirely black, and covered in stars and galaxies which can be touched and moved as one pleases. Jamie also creates and destroys little universes there to amuse himself! When I spend time with him there, I stand on some kind of invisible ground, but he always floats when he's there. This was the first part of our Mindscape that we spent time together in when Jamie first manifested.


The second is a desolated city street, in the aftermath of a riot. It's lined with broken storefront windows, the street itself is littered with rubble, some things are still on fire, etc. It is always late afternoon there and the light on the streets and reflecting off surrounding skyscrapers is golden. When Jamie and I meet there, he'll walk down the street from one end and I'll walk from the other, and we'll meet in the middle to stand there and talk.


The third area is one that I myself don't often go, although I have been there a couple of times. It is a carnival of Jamie's own creation, that he created within the Mindscape as a place to play. At first glance, it looks like the perfect summer roadside carnival, with rides, games, bright lights, carnival music playing in the background, food vendors, cheerful employees in vintage-looking uniforms. Upon closer examination, one can see that every single part of the carnival, from the rides to the food vendor carts, has a morbid theme based on a real life serial killer or mass shooter. Playing any of the carnival games tends to result in a lot of over-the-top gore. I'd describe it as carnival meets the kind of first person shooter video game that media watchdogs warn parents about.

Unfathomable. You know, without fathom.

[align=center]I'mma build you from the ground

Til you're higher then the clouds

I can see it in your soul

If you only knew your worth

The kinda love that you deserve

Every piece of you makes me whole[/align]


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