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A Chat Room for Tulpas

Guest Anonymous

So, whatcha think 'bout that idea?  

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  1. 1. So, whatcha think 'bout that idea?

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Guest Anonymous

Hey there!


So, yeah.

Just an idea of mine... I mean, we all want to encourage our tuppers to be social and get out of their lil' comfort zones, right? At least most of us boring hosts seem to agree on that, I feel!


And we all know that's not always easy, right?

Even the tuppers here that are perfectly capable of heading to the webs don't really do it a lot of the time - hell, look at Rina; sure, she will post sometimes and even logged into the chat once or twice, but she's mostly just too lazy or disinterested to actually have a lengthy conversation.

So yeah, I'm absolutely sure I'm not the only host who struggles a bit with motivating his "roommate" to socialize some more! xD


But I also feel that it would be beneficial for many of our roommates, maybe especially for the ones that aren't strongly developed yet in one way or another, to specifically talk to other tuppers more.


So I had this idea that it might not be bad for there to be a chat room exclusively for tulpas, where they're encouraged to login and just chat with each other.


  • A chat is a more instantaneous and practical form to start up a conversation than a forum thread, possibly making some of our lazier roommates feel a bit more inclined to actually start up a conversation
  • Such a tuppers-only-chat might also be more of a "safe zone" for the more insecure tuppers, having a chat with those that might or might not have experienced the same things, good and bad
  • We hosts can only understand tuppermancy our way, even more so those among us who can't switch and get the "tupper perspective"; tuppers sharing experiences or even just small talk specifically with other tuppers could surely be a good and interesting thing for them

So, yeah.

Just a little idea of mine.


Opinions? :)





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Guest Anonymous

I think that may have already been tried, but I don't know for sure. It sounds familiar though. It is a good idea if you can get enough vocal tulpas together. Either way, I would blow it up and flood it, like I do with any chat room. I limit my chat room time a lot now.

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Guest Anonymous

Maybe I am guilty of the described behavior, yes. Either way, it sounds like an idea that might work. The problem I see is that the more reserved tulpae might still not chat there anyway. It would still take some motivation from the hosts. But I could imagine it to be a good bridge.

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Guest Anonymous

I should mention that there is a "Tulpas Only Chat" thread in the forum already. It has been dead for a while now though. Here is the link https://community.tulpa.info/thread-tulpas-only-chat?pid=127454#pid127454


It is a challenge to get enough tulpas talking. It is understandable though as not all tulpas are vocal or able to switch, possess or even do "interpretive" proxy typing.

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Ha. "Trouble communicating online." Can't say I have a problem with that.


Before a tulpa-only chat, I'd suggest a tulpa-only forum. See, the very immediacy you're talking about like it's a benefit is what's going to drive some people off. A lot of tulpas aren't confident enough in their own voices to be able to step out online, much less in a format that requires immediacy.


Forums, meanwhile, allow for the tulpa to phrase things at their own pace, which, from personal experience, is a godsend. I spent a lot of time in "roleplay as your characters" threads on writer's forums to be as confident in my vocality as I am.


Get a forum going first. Then consider a chat room.

~ Member of SparrowNR's System ~

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Guest Anonymous

There is a link I just posted above for a Tulpas Only Chat thread already existing on this forum. It would suffice for that I think, if we can find enough tulpas who wanted to talk. The thing is having enough to say or keeping it going (topics). I am thinking of creating threads that are mostly exclusive to tulpas such as the Improve Your Host thread I posted today. I will try to come up with some more and keep them going in the Lounge and elsewhere and that may help. Also, there is the Tulpa Week threads that we do now and then when we have a Tulpa Week. We haven't done one of those in a while.

Tulpa Week Threads:


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I'm not strictly against the idea, but I think it would lack participants. Even the regular #tulpa. chatrooms get quiet at times.

Tulpa: Alice

Form: Realistic Humanoid/Demonic Creation

She may or may not talk here, depends on her.

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Guest Anonymous

I think, what Joss and I have been trying to say is that tulpas can express themselves pretty well right here on the forum. Some of us have worked to create tulpa "exclusive" threads and topics. We don't want to totally exclude hosts from writing on those however, as not every tulpa is vocal. So these threads are tulpa themed but hosts are not prohibited from writing something they think their tulpas would like everyone to know about. There has been suggestions of having a tulpas only board in the past, but that seems to always get a no go from the admin.

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Well, back in the day, some members and I made posts about creating a section that was bloggy, for tulpas to express themselves, since the idea had some potential and it would've pleased a lot of tulpas, as it would have brought together the community a bit closer (and be more of a community than a 'foundation' for science). The whole ideal a chatroom promotes is fast-paced, on the run communication and dialogues between tulpas. Look, I like everyone in the tulpa community, but if you go on reddit and spread around the idea of having a tulpa chatroom, you're going to end up having an idle chat just like tulpa.im (the old official chatroom). There are #tulpa.lounge and #tulpa.info, the former would be ideal for casual gossip, but back when I'd hang around there, it would get quiet often. You could make a chat on Rizon or any other network and keep it open for tulpas, encourage tulpas talking there, etc...


We used to host a tulpa chat that was open to everyone. While it was promising, most people (3/4 of members) ended up idling all day, so I just closed it down due to the overall lack of interest that was going on about.


When we discussed the idea of making a tulpa-only forum for personal experiences, I kept in mind how much it would help some tulpas that never, never get to interact with other people. Social interaction is important, in the end, it doesn't hurt to make friends and express yourself. The psychological factor (because a lot of us tend to forget how important tulpa oriented psychology truly is) (hi) plays a big role here, as it would be nice. I'm sure we'd see a lot of tulpas write interesting stuff about their lives and experiences.


A chat isn't too bad of an idea. When I was young, I wanted a cat so bad, my dad told me that 'after 2 weeks you'll get bored of it' and I was like 'ok give me a cat'. He brought a cat home, and he was wrong... I got bored of it after a week, not two. The hype had gone off, and I never held such a big interest. Same thing with chats (chat = cat in french), people want them, they'll talk a bit at first, but they'll get bored after a few days. There's only so much you can talk about.


There's a good number of tulpamancer tumblrs out there, in contrast. I mean, that could be good.

A wise man once said: 'Before judging a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? He's a mile away, and you've got new shoes.'


Graced are those who could avoid this phenomenon. This is perhaps the worst expression of evil in humanity's history, but who am I to judge?

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